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Sell Your Products online in global market within less than 2 minutes !!!

With the increase in the e-commerce competition, everyone is well aware of how difficult it is to compete with international business giants and stand out on your own. If you are an Indian Manufacturers, Farmers, Artisans, wholesaler, exporters, suppliers, reseller, or any other small business and you are still under shadow, by selling good quality products, Aslidesi is here providing you a great opportunity to step out from the shadows and shine on your own light. Why to let your muse down, by letting your passion to sell go away. Start selling on Aslidesi Seller Mandi, and get the following benefits.

  • Transparent seller- agreement policy.
  • No registration or subscription fee
  • Access to the global market, with just one time registration.
  • Budget-friendly, with no initial investment, just a nominal service charges after sale.
  • With the help of Targeted ads, find new customers, and boost your sales.
  • Hassle-free integrated payment and shipping facilities 
  • Manage your business while on the go, install the app Aslidesi Seller and respond to your customer needs with just a click.
  • Help is just a click away with Seller Support email

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