Quality Guarantee

Competing with national chains can be extremely difficult for Indian sellers. While delivering a perceived quality benefit may enhance sales. One may be liable for enough returns that the promotion backfires. It is important to examine the benefits and drawbacks of issuing assurances.

At Aslidesi we encourage our sellers to offer product guarantee to the customers in a variety of ways. If the buyer is unhappy with the product, the first option is to provide a complete refund of the purchase price. If the product was delivered, a customer can get a refund less the delivery costs. The second way is to provide a free replacement product if the original fails. A third option is to provide a warranty or service contract, guaranteeing that a defective product will be repaired free of charge.

Our sellers believe in their product enough to stand behind it, Guarantees of the product and services helps in increasing the perceived value of their products for buyers, and at the same time it also lowers the danger to be stuck with a subpar product

Offering quality guarantee can be a benefit for our sellers as well depending on what they sell and the type of competition they face, some buyers being more interested in guarantee of the products than the goods itself. Buyers having a good market knowledge may see a similar product at a similar price, and reliability being their primary concern help them make purchase decision from our seller, boosting it sales.