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Sell Your Products online in global market within less than 2 minutes !!!

If you are an Indian Manufacturers, Farmers, Artisans, wholesaler, exporters, suppliers, reseller and selling online, then you know how hard and costly it is to sell with the current digital platforms, also you are competing with products owned by the big international marketplace operators. Finally, though you are selling good quality products still you are under shadow.

That’s why Aslidesi comes in market, this is a great opportunity to step out from the shadows and shine your own light. We are here to support you in your endeavours.                                      What Aslidesi is offering,

  • Register one time, sell wholesale as well as retail in Global market including India
  • One stop integrated payment & shipping solution for domestic as well as international
  • There is no chance of inside competition, Aslidesi is not owning any products and will not
  • No registration fees and Subscription fees, a nominal service charges will be applying after sell
  • Our seller agreement policy is transparent, open to all, hidden charges will not be applying
  • Easy registration and product management process, can sell from Aslidesi mobile app
  • No need to invest to build your own website because you can share your Aslidesi profile with all.

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