Introduction of Aslidesi, The Global Market of India, India’s own global e-commerce marketplace platform. A one stop platform for both wholesale as well as retail in global market including India, that allows users to buy a wide variety of products all made in India.

We are unique with our concept that promotes Indian Manufacturers, Farmers, Artisans, wholesaler, exporters, suppliers, reseller. As the name suggests, We are truly Indian in spirit. With a wide product range, we have something for everyone.

With a platform that is very user friendly for both customers and sellers, we are out to make a difference. Our primary focus is on making the reach of goods manufactured and sourced from India much more widespread and we will always strive to make this happen.

With several categories added and several sellers joining each day, we will always strive to bring the best desi products for our truly desi and global consumers.

Why Aslidesi?

It’s simple really. Aslidesi is a platform like no other. Nowhere else will you find a platform that promotes Indian vendors and manufacturers like we do.

Bigger names in the e-commerce niche do exist, but they lack the true desi spirit we have. In a world where desi products find themselves in the shadow of big international brands, we strive to give them the spotlight here.

Most of the economically stronger countries have their real own e-commerce platform through which they are doing a big chunk of export, but for India there is no such platform. That's why we are in market to provide a platform to the buyers of every corner of the world to purchase quality products directly from Aslidesi just in one click in a competitive rates.

With the ongoing consumer initiatives to consume locally sourced products, we will be ready to offer them all that they will want. We have products from a myriad of categories, and we are confident that we will be able to satiate all their needs.


Our mission is simple, to increase the reach and value of Swadeshi products across the country and globally.

We intend on providing a space that will let Indian manufacturers, vendors, wholesalers, exporters, suppliers, and even customers to gain benefit immensely from every corner of the world.

We provide a platform that will allow Indian consumers to get authentic goods made in India and sold by Indian selers from the comfort of their homes. We intend on providing a space that would allow individuals to benefit from the concept of Make in India.

We of course are dead set on providing our consumers with the best possible products. With a wide range of products, from groceries to machinery, we have something for everyone. 


Aslidesi intends on creating a market space that is run completely by Indians. A market space for vendors and consumers who wish to stay truly desi.

Economically, this is a move that will benefit our nation. With the increased demand for products sourced within our nation, our imports would reduce. In time, we intend on being able to ship outside India, thereby boosting our small scale industry and nation’s exports as well and ultimately more jobs willl be generating for young Indians.

We intend on helping our vendors and manufacturers sell their products, which may find themselves overshadowed by bigger foreign brands. We also provide a suitable source for consumers who intend on purchasing truly Indian goods.

Aslidesi Team

The team is Included Founder, Technology, Designer, Business development, Single point support for sellers, Marketing, Human resources, Operations


Truly desi , All products are manufactured or assembled in India


Quality is guaranteed There is no compromise on quality


Support service, All time 24x7 support service are available


Satisfaction, Because you are purchasing Indian products

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