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5 best indoor plants to have in your living room.

Oct 27, 2021

Are you tired of a lifeless living room? Or maybe it's just a blank canvas needing some colors to fill with. Whether you realize it or not, there is a solution for a perfectly balanced living room- a touch of greenery and life. The right indoor plant can add spark to your living room. They are beautiful, organic, and sculptural. Plants provide you with a natural environment and their presences bring freshness to your life. Plus, your house looks super modern and fancy. Even their lifespan is much longer than that of cut flowers. But, as you know, it’s a jungle out there, and when you are among so many indoor plants. It can be difficult to select the right plant for your house. So, to make that easy, we bring you 5 most like indoor plants and ways to take care of them. Snake plant: this one is my personal favorite. They are having a comeback, especially for modern interiors. It does not require much natural light which makes it a perfect indoor plant. With sword-shaped leaves like charmed snakes from a basket, this indoor beauty is pleasing to look at and a perfect balance for your interiors. Place it anywhere you’d like and let the soil dry before watering again and keep checking it every week. You can skip watering a few days in between. Kentia palm: indoor palm trees are very popular living room plants nowadays. It brings a lush tropical look to your house. There are many options because this plant comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from. You can choose a variant that is suitable for your house, as some of them like cardboard palm, and sago palm can be toxic to pets. it is easy to maintain and just requires some soil, water, and sunlight. Though it does require a lot of space as it is silently large compare to other indoor plants and can grow up to 10 feet tall. Fiddle-leaf fig tree: it is the most used plant in the world of interior design. This shrub has a long, elegant stem and branches with leathery violin-shaped leaves. This plant serves as a focal point in any place it is placed. It requires indirect sunlight and less water say once every week or two but more in winter or if the air in your room is dry. So, you can consider placing it under a skylight or next to a window. Monstera deliciosa: this plant is a popular plant of the art-deco era and has found its way back to many living rooms. This plant has a leaf that looks like it has been gently cut into by a careful hand. It is best for colorful space because it adds to that feature. It requires indirect sunlight and water only once a week. Peruvian apple cactus plant: no matter where you are a cactus makes you feel like you’re in a desert at home. This plant is one of the easiest to care for. As the plant grows it tends to shift towards the direction of sunlight. it requires bright indirect light but can also thrive in medium or full light. Water only once a month and voila there you have it, you own desert at home.