5 Fashion Tips For Women's jewelry with outfits.

Mar 20, 2021



5 fashion tips to accessorize your holiday outfit! Gold necklace womens jewellery - Fashion advice Do you have several pieces of jewelry that you adore, but you don't know how to pair them with your holiday or everyday outfits?


Don't panic, we're here to give you some useful fashion tips


Soon, you will know exactly which necklace to wear with a V-neck or a turtleneck, which bracelet to choose according to your top, or even which earrings to put on to enhance your head wearing.

Some fashion tips for womens jewellery to enhance your outfit




If there is one fashion tip to remember, it's that the collar of your top necessarily defines the type of necklaces to wear.


If you wear a round neck, a shirt collar, or a boat neck, that is to say, collars that offer a beautiful surface of a fabric, do not hesitate to dress it with a more imposing collar.

Bib necklaces and those with large colored pendants will stand out even more on fabric. If you opt for a V-neck or a more scooped neck instead, feel free to wear a more discreet pendant or stylish silver jewellery


It is even possible to stack several thin pendants, as long as the chain lengths are different.





Do not hesitate to wear larger earrings if you are going for an outfit that reveals your shoulders or your neckline.


It's a great way to let them show off! If you are looking for more discreet earrings that will complement an outfit in an elegant way, choose simple earrings, decorated with a crystal or a pearl.

Dangling earrings are also a great ally to lengthen your neck and enhance your head wearing.







The accumulation of jewels, or “stacking”, is very trendy and it is very pretty if it is mastered.


For this to work well, we don't forget that “less is more” and we associate it with a simple outfit, like a little black dress or a white shirt worn over jeans.

And last fashion tip, avoid hiding your multiple bracelets under long sleeves: they are there to be seen!



Do not hesitate to bet on bracelets in different shades: white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold will go very well, especially if your outfit is sober.

You can also vary the sizes of bracelets, but avoid accumulating several cuffs. A cuff surrounded by fine chains, or even fancy bracelets, will be more elegant.



womens jewellery can be a great way to add structure to an outfit that includes loose or loose clothing.



So, don't hesitate to wear a pendant necklace with a long chain over a loose sweater dress or a chunky knit sweater.


The finesse and length of the jewel will contrast with the mass of the garment. Conversely, if you are wearing a long dress or a long skirt, it is advisable to bet on bracelets that are a little more conspicuous, or on a beautiful watch. This will bring volume to the whole.

CAN WE WEAR Bold Necklaces And Earrings(womens jewellery) AT THE SAME TIME?


When we want to accessorize our outfits, we often think of a Jewellery sets necklacesor collection of necklaces or Brooches earrings necklaces. Or both at the same time. But here's a new fashion womens jewellery tip to keep in mind: Not Silver, Diamond, Platinum & Gold Sometimes it's best to bet on just one showy coin.

Women ear rings



If you wear large hoops on your ears, settle for a simple pendant with a thin chain around your neck. If you've fallen for a showy bib necklace, opt for discreet earrings instead.

Obviously, there are also essentials, such as the pearl necklace to pair with pearl e arring s! The set brings a lot of elegance to chic outfits while giving them a little retro touch.



Thanks to these few fashion tips, you now have all the cards in hand to enhance your holiday outfit as well as your everyday outfits. In my opinion, they are your best style allies.

Only womens jewellery has the power to enhance an outfit, to bring that special sparkle to it.




Too simple a sweater? Hop, a long necklace to dress it all up. Dull complexion?


Hop, curls that will make your face shine. It's like a magic wand: the jewels have the real power to dress you, to style you, to sophisticated you in a second, just the time to put them on.

Far beyond that, jewelry is the guarantor of your style personality. They define you wonderfully. They must therefore be chosen with care. Here is my best advice to wear them well according to your outfit and your body type.


  1. Should you choose womens jewellery according to your body type?


This is a question I get asked all the time. Through the years and my experiences in the world of womens jewellery and high-end creations (I have helped women find THE jewelry made for her), I can only say that there are guidelines but also sometimes nice surprises.

Women Jewelry


Generally: graphic and imposing jewels go to all body types even if certain shapes are to be preferred for certain silhouettes fine jewelry is also easy to wear as long as you choose modern shapes from young aspiring designers or beautiful vintage finds rather than the overly classic ones shapes from the womens jewellery .

Take for example the jewel par excellence, I named the necklace: When you have a V-shaped silhouette, you can bet on the imposing necklace pendants that stop at the navel or below the chest.

If you have a large chest, you can also wear simple breastplates and necklaces that are imposing but flattened in shape so as not to add more volume to this part.

If you prefer smaller pieces, you can also wear a discreet pendant that will arise at the birth of the neckline and will highlight it without overdoing it.

Conversely, the A-shaped silhouettes will be highlighted with plastron necklaces more in volume or with large pendants which will dress the small breasts. They can also wear long necklaces (with or without a pendant) to draw the eye to the bust rather than the hips.

For the smallest pieces, everything is fine, from the basic pendant to the fine multi-row long necklaces. They can abuse the necklines in the back and fine jewelry that rests delicately on the back too, it's original and so feminine worn with a bun or on short hair!

The luscious O-shaped silhouettes will be sublimated by the rather important jewels which will be in total harmony with their curves: short necklaces, breastplates, or pendants will be magnificent on these pin-up silhouettes.




Fine womens jewellery is chosen with a piece that stands out, such as a sparkling stone, or a geometric or modern pattern that changes. In short, the design aspect is important so as not to “memorize” the silhouette.

Keep in mind these common-sense rules, generally pay attention to dog collars (or chokers) if you have rather short neck rings and chains very thin simple if you are round, they will tend to get lost within your silhouette and to curl you long, simple long necklaces if you have a chest (the necklace will wander from one side of the figure to the other without attaching itself, better a long necklace in this case) large cuffs if you have very thin wrists (they will be too big and it will look like you are dressing up)


  1. Why should you take into account the clothes you wear to wear your jewelry properly?


Quite simply because we do not wear the same jewelry with the same clothing. You have to take into account the top collar you are wearing, the shape (rather loose, close to the body, fitted?)


Women neckless



And the drape (airy and light or rather heavy and shaping?)


The collar is king It is the collar of your top that will define your collar. Large pieces like breastplates and other large short necklaces look great when worn on a solid surface.

Let me explain: either you wear it on a round collar, a shirt collar, or a boat collar, in short of the material, taking care that the major part of the collar is on the fabric; or you opt for a “wow outfit” and wear it next to the skin in summer over a bandeau dress for example.

Avoid wearing your breastplates or big short necklaces on a V-neck, U-neck, or square neck, it will get lost between your skin and the fabric and will not sit well. Plus, when you wear a breastplate, think basic!

No frills, nor too much lace. Leave him room to express himself! Earrings or a short pendant necklace will look lovely on a neckline or low-cut clothing. They will play their role and highlight your face while leaving room for the garment to express itself.

If, on the contrary, your outfit is super feminine, fitted, and full of details or colors, such as a lace dress, for example, consider putting as much distance between your outfit and your jewelry as possible.

You can wear a cocktail ring (a large ring that brings a touch of color or even an accumulation of rings of the same metal) or earrings that will not interfere with your outfit. Let the dress speak for itself, there is no need to overdo it.

Keep in mind the fall of the garment If the material is rather soft like boiled wool or shapeless like linen, or even airy like cotton, bet on graphic jewels that will instead structure and therefore give allure to the silhouette.

Conversely, when you wear a garment with a lot of structure such as a suit, a pencil skirt, a shouldered blazer or a neoprene dress, you have several choices:

  • Either we take a little distance and we put the jewel elsewhere than on the material and therefore on the skin, taking care to roll up its sleeves and have the right neckline (on the cotton t-shirt rather than on the blazer by example, on the open neck rather than on the material)






  • Either we take a lot of distance and we play on a ring or earrings well away from the garment


  1. What are the “joker jewels” that go with everything? Fortunately, basic jewelry is here to help you see things more clearly! Some jewelry is literally magical because it goes with all and with all outfits. The thin pendant necklace Among necklaces, the thin pendant wins all the votes.


It is easy to wear and brightens the face. It goes to all silhouettes because it is feminine and delicate. This is THE shape of a necklace to have if you are unsure. The short pendant can be worn on the skin on a neckline or be placed on the material in winter.


ts proximity to your face immediately gives it a superb radiance, provided you choose the right pattern or stone. You can also easily associate it with other necklaces to give it scale.

The only watchword: we choose it “special” with a shape that stands out from the crowd in order to differentiate it from the crowd.

It is definitely to have in your wardrobe, if possible in several different copies in order to be able to accumulate them.


The elongated ring


It has the gift of going to all the hands: it lengthens the slightly curved fingers and highlights the finer bones. In short, it's a winning ring! In order to refresh your style, why not bet on an imposing ring that will add a touch of color to your outfit and that will sophisticate it down to the tips of your hands?

I could talk for hours and hours about the beautiful world of womens jewellery and silver jewelry products to help you find the right one for you.

As you can see, sometimes the magic of an outfit is found in its association with a piece of jewelry and not in the garment itself. Many of my favorite pieces have no allure without jewelry. So try on a garment that you are ready to part with jewelry that will give it a new look, you may be a revelation!