5 motivational books by Indian authors you must read

Sep 30, 2021

Many believe books are something magical and can be motivational to most of us. Books especially motivational and inspirational books are said to have a positive impact on one’s mind as well as health as proven by various studies. A book is somewhat like a friend when you need it to instill the lost shine in you. It let you experience another life in the form of a story, fiction, imagination, thought, and ideas. It can also help you understand yourself better and discover something new about yourself every time you read a book. Even with this, picking a book or even finding something to read today has become impossible with most of us spending all of overtime in front of the screen of our lappy or cell phone. The art of finding the book one likes or picking something of interest to read is evaporating and becoming challenging. While many of us believe themselves to be a just reader and like to add reading as an interest or hobby, not many of us can comply with it. If you are also in the same place as one among these and are looking for something new and inspirational to read, here are 5 books I think might help you.

1. ‘I Have a Dream’ by Rashmi Bansal: This book is one of the bestsellers authored by Rashmi Bansal. The book talks about the lives of twenty young entrepreneurs and the objections and challenges faced by them in the path to achieving their dreams. Not only the book talks about the aspirations and dreams of the youth of India, but it also demonstrates the difficulties and challenges faced by today’s face of country. While reading this book you will come across various examples which will provide you knowledge and inspiration to face the challenges in your life. The book is filled with morals to motivate the nascent entrepreneur in you.

2. ‘The 4th Idiot’ by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury: this book is inspired by the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’. It carries forward the main theme of the movie that is choosing excellence over success. ‘The 4th Idiot’ offers practical and exemplary solutions to the problem faced by the young generation by the mean of various experiments, anecdotes, and exercises without being too sententious. The book inspires and motivates the young reader to take control of the situation and their life by understanding the complex problems and figuring out the root cause through experiments.

3. ‘You are Born to Blossom’ by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: This book is one of those books which make sense in this Digital India. This is a must-read for the people part of the communication field and information technology. It has a lot in store for those who want to empower the digital threads of India and make Indian progressive with the world. Dr. Kalam talked about the challenges and issues faced by the Indian digital economy. While the book talks about the digital world it still focuses on the bars of obstacles and impediments coming in the way of success.

4. ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy: This book authored by Arundhati Roy is an inspiring encounter with 2 twin sisters both of them goes through a course of hopeless events in their life. Will these obstacles mire them down or make them stronger and help them involves as a lotus in the stale pond? This book is a must-read for those looking for a big wave of inspiration. This book will help you boost your self-esteem and motivate you to start with a new beginning.

5. ‘The Five Steps to Success’ by Yandamoori Veerendranath: ‘The Five Steps to Success’ gives readers 5 steps to success and motivates them to fight with the problems of daily life. It was originally published in Telugu, this masterpiece sparks light upon victory at the personal level and it is the basis for the rest of the structure. This book gives the message that the power to achieve milestones in the span of life lies inside us with makes it a highly motivational book.