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5 must have basic tools for car repairs

Oct 16, 2021
Car maintenance tool kit has become a must in this time of self-reliance and DIY and repairing on your own can also save some pounds for you isn’t it sound great? So, if you haven’t had a car maintenance tool kit before, now is the time. You can start by adding some basic automotive hand tools to your tool kit. Here is a piece of advice, invest in high-quality tools with replacement guarantees because that’s what professional mechanics do. The best part about having a tool kit is that they don’t cost a fortune, rather they save money on basic repairs. Let’s look at 5 of the basic tools you should have in your tool kit.

Screwdrivers: buy a set of screwdrivers of different sizes, you can easily get a combo of them on any online e-commerce website or a hardware store near you. To get more versatility, a set often includes an assortment of long and short handles. Flat-tipped and cross-tipped these types of screwdrivers are a great help in auto repairs. The screwdriver’s handle comes made up of both wood and plastic and the blade tips are generally made from hardened steel.

Hand wrenches: these tools are one of the best tools for carrying out basic maintenance such as car repair. Your maintenance kit should carry a set of box end/ open-end wrenches or combination wrenches ranging in sizes from 11 mm to 19 mm to handle all the bolts and nuts you are likely to encounter. It is better to buy a wrench set that includes both open and closed-end combination wrenches.

Specialty wrenches: a set of flare nut wrenches or an adjustable wrench to loosen large flare nuts or to tighten them is also a good tool to add to your car maintenance tool kit. You can also add one with a wide jaw opening to take care of nuts that are more than an inch long in diameter.

Oil filter wrench: you need this tool to change oil without this you won’t be able to change oil properly. To ensure that the wrench is of the right size and fits the oil filter in your car, make sure to buy several different filter wrenches because cars have different sizes of oil filters.

Pliers: A pair of long needle-nose pliers tool is again a must-have tool for your car repairs toolkit. Make sure that pliers are corrosion resistance and composed of tempered steel and at the same time provide a comfortable grip.