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5 Must have plumbing tools at your home

Oct 27, 2021

Living in a peaceful and safe space of your home surely is a luxury, but a time comes when you have to deal with, clogged sinks, plugged-up toilets, dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and more, which are not a peaceful and pretty site. Especially, during this period of disease breakout and quarantine. It is difficult to call for a plumber because either they are not willing to risk it or you consider your and your family’s safety essential. So, what the way out of this, fun fact there is none. You have to get your hands dirty to make your home peaceful again. It's not as bad as you think. So many people out there take care of these trivial matters on their own. You just need some plumbing tools and a proper guide on how to use them. Today, I bring you some tools that are just right for plumbing problems. So, let’s dive in. Cup Plunger: it is the most common plumbing tool you can find out there. Almost every household has this tool at their home. It is a tool that consists of a rubber cup-like shape and a wooden handle. this tool is mainly used for clearing clogs in tubs, showers, and sinks. you cannot use this for toilet clogs; that requires a different plunger known as a flange plunger, which is also easily available in any hardware shop or you can get this on our eCommerce website Aslidesi, which provides you with first-class plumbing tools from Indian manufacturers, and retailers. Adjustable Wrench: there is no other tool that can do what this small tool can. It is the quintessential metal plumbing tool without which your plumbing toolkit is quite useless. Whether you are working on compression fittings, supply lines, or plumbing components that have round nuts, this tool will be your go-to tool. It provides the leverage and grip required to complete the work. Tubing cutter: It is an amazing tool that resembles a C-clamp. if you are working with the copper pipe then you will require this device at some point in your work. Copper requires square cuts and tubing cutters do just that with ease. It has a wheel join to its body that cuts the metal and a flat pressure wheel that helps to apply the pressure required to cut. Plumber’s tape: it is an important material that prevents leaks at plumbing connections. It is also known as Teflon tape. It is made up of thin white tape that you wrap around threads on pipes and fittings before twisting the parts together. If you want to know how it looks like, you can just go inside your bathroom and have a look at a pipe connection. You can easily figure out where and how it is used. Drum Auger: it is also known as sink auger or canister auger. it is the essential weapon for breaking up and clearing clogs in the tub and sink. Again, don’t use this for toilet clogs. There is another tool for toilet clogs known as a toilet auger. Drum auger consists of a steel cable with a corkscrew tip connected to the end. The long cable is extended into a drain to reach a clog and clean it.