Wholesale buying

5 tips on finding a wholesale distributor for your shop

Oct 14, 2021
Wholesale distributors are dealers who deal in a bulk purchases. They generally buy in bulk from the manufacturers and sell them to a retailer in smaller quantities who again sell them to end-consumers. Wholesalers act as a medium between manufacturers and retail businesses. Most manufacturers don’t distribute their products directly to the shops, this is where wholesale distributors come in. As the channel between shops and the product, wholesalers play a crucial role in the supply chain. They can influence your ability to deliver products on time, compete on price, and so on. Here are 5 tips that will help you to find the right wholesale distributor for your shops.

Check wholesale marketplaces: wholesale marketplaces are platforms that connect retailers to manufacturers and wholesale distributors of numerous items. Even though there is no storage of these platforms, using a marketplace is more convenient for small retailers to purchase at a wholesale price.

Just google it: google is the best place to began your research with. But it won’t be as simple as a simple search because usually, wholesalers don’t publicize their websites for search engines, which makes them difficult to find on google. To boost the chances of getting the best wholesalers online, you need to carry out targeted searches. Try different search keys such as reseller, distributor, wholesaler, etc. you can also use a combination of these words with a specific product you want to purchase and the region you want to buy from.

Have a look at the labels: one of the easiest ways to find a wholesale distributor is by reading the label attached to the product itself. Usually, manufacturers provide their details and contact information on the product label, which can be used to contact the manufacturer and inquire about the products they distribute.

Referrals: asking for referrals from other shops or retailers may not be your first preference but it is very helpful when looking for wholesale distributors. You don’t have to ask your competitors directly, but rather from retailers doing similar businesses in other regions. You can easily make contacts through attending trade shows and joining online groups. Even if you already work with a distributor, it’s better to know more. There are also events conducted to allow businesses like yours to meet like-minded people. The events take place in multiple regions throughout the country and allows you to use this opportunity to create new business relationships.