Wholesale buying

5 top most profitable products that you can buy cheap and sell high

Oct 9, 2021

The most important factor to keep in mind while considering buying products from a wholesaler is the ‘Margin’ which is a difference between the wholesale cost of a product and the price your company sells it for. A higher margin allows your business to make more profit while a smaller margin does the opposite. Let us look at some of the best competitive products you can buy at wholesale that provides higher profit margins: Jewelry: as far as unisex products go, jewelry is one of the most profitable products. Whether you go for a specific branded or wholesale lot of jewelry, these items are highly diverse. There are many varieties in jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, pins, belly rings, anklets, and many more, the list never ends. It’s easy to sell due to high demands from both men and women. They don’t take much space in your inventory storage. But there are some cons too such as its highly competitive industry and needs more work with shipping and packaging. Beauty products: there are thousands of pampering products from hair care to nails care, vitamins, health supplements, makeup and so much more. Skincare has an involving demand so you don’t have to worry about it being a failure. It is easy to showcase beauty products and even to pack and ship plus there are lots of sub-niches that allow you to go for a specialty product such as organic products or chemical products. But the competition is big with big reputed brands in the industry. Health care products: with covid-19 there came to a new wave of health care products demand. People are more sensitive toward their health now than ever which makes health care products more popular and I think it’s gonna stay in demand in the future. Health care equipment such as portable nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, and the like can be sold at a higher margin. Keto supplements: in the recent past, the Atkins diet used to command this market but now the ketogenic diet has gone from a fad diet into a lifestyle. Keto-themed products are here to stay. It helps in fat burning nothing else needs to be said. Keto-focused products are sold at a high margin. Video games: while you may not be a hardcore fan of gaming, there is plenty of fish in the water aka youngsters and sometimes even adults who love video games are probably looking for the best deal on them. You can get a high margin on these products if you play smartly by providing them at a reasonable price. But be cautious though it’s a bit of a competitive business due to its overwhelming popularity.