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5 ways to attract more wholesale customers

Oct 20, 2021
For wholesalers, marketing their products can be a challenging task. In the business-2-business sector, decision-making can be complex as wholesale customers compare wholesale vendors on every single point from quality to pricing to delivery service for the best deal. To overcome this, you can use different strategies to market your products and attract more customers. By concentrating on effective offline and online marketing ideas. In this article, we will discuss some ideas for attracting new wholesale customers. So, let us start with it.

Perfect your landing page: technically, a landing page is a page your users arrive on when they visit your website and at the same time it serves as the first impression a customer has of your wholesale business. Unique landing pages can serve as a great marketing strategy. They can be designed purely to capture leads and push your prospects down the sales funnel. The standard landing page conversion rate is around 26 percent. To increase that percentage you need to optimize your website for promising new customers.

Sending free samples: sending free samples of your product and service to business decision-makers can grab their attention and can also secure them as future wholesale customers. These tricks are one of the older tricks used by wholesalers for wholesale marketing and it still works. This trick does not rely on technology or sophistication. You can just simply make a list of potential decision-makers and send them your products lastly with calls within a week to take their feedbacks and know their interest.

Display your products on trade shows: mostly business decision-makers attend this kind of trade show which makes it a great way to promote your wholesale products. Industry trade shows are excellent opportunities not only to advertise and market your products but also to generate more sales. Any famous trade shows attract wholesalers, consultants, and distributors seeking new deals. You can even use the previous strategy by providing samples at the trade shows to promote your products. You can prepare interactive presentations to demonstrate your products.

Reach out to retailers: this is one of the most obvious ways to get more wholesale customers. There are many ways to reach out to promising customers such as you can reach out to them via email to market your products. This can be effective, but you risk your messages getting lost in spam folders. You can also go for the cold call strategy which refers to phoning new customers but this method can be intimidating and has a bad reputation. So, you need to be cautious and use some tips to refine your approach.