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5 wholesale products to sell in your store this Halloween

Oct 19, 2021
In India and various other countries, the final quarter of the year never fails to bring a boost in sales and profit for businesses. Halloween is next in line which would boost your businesses. Though technically not an Indian festival, it is still celebrated in various parts of India which brings attention to Halloween-related products. Technically October 31st is not a holiday, but it still brings a boost in sales if you have the right product with you. If you think Halloween is still weeks away and there is still time to stock up then you are behind the trends. Well, you know the age-old saying ‘early bird gets the worm’. So, to get you started with here are five of the hottest Halloween items consumers will love and that you should purchase for your store.

Party planning items: a Halloween party maybe a few hours of celebration, but it still requires work and planning which starts days or even weeks before the actual event. The 13-day countdown sticker calendar is one product party planners will require in the weeks before the event to help to keep them arranged. If there are kids involved in the planning it can also be a fun activity for them to write down their favorite Halloween memory. Themed Halloween party invitation cards can come in handy to invite a guest.

Party décor: with more interest in Halloween this year with most of the adults fully vaccinated, there are more reasons to celebrate Halloween this year. This points out that there will be more people throwing parties and more demands for party decors. Plus, this new interest could also mean that customers are willing to take their décor one step further.

Snacks and other foodstuffs: there is no question that party means more demand for food items mainly snacks. Plus, trick or treat is one of the highlights of Halloween. Candy, snacks, chocolates are the top food preferences of the customers on Halloween. Foodstuffs are set to be one of the top Halloween products on the customers' shopping list. If you are a retail shop in the food niche few Halloween products fit right in such as Halloween special chocolates filled with vanilla caramel made to look spooky with great taste.

Masks: masks are still mandated in most parts of the country. It has become part of our daily life and there is no exception to the Halloween celebration. If you are an apparel retailer, Halloween masks fit perfectly with your product line. People will look for ways to mask up at the same time not destroying their costumes. So, masks that complement their costumes are going to be the new thing.

Halloween costumes: how can we forget the most important part of Halloween, the Halloween costumes. At this event, people love to wear different kinds of costumes and spend heftily on them. Even their pets are dressed up according to the theme and pet owners are known to be extremely generous when it comes to spending on their furry companions.