Agricultural market tools and their uses- Aslidesi

Mar 22, 2021

Agricultural market tools and their uses- Aslidesi -

There are many agricultural market tools and implements designed to increase productivity, reduce labor and help farmers in the various tasks

There are many agricultural market tools and implements designed to increase productivity, reduce labor and help farmers in the various tasks they have to perform.

The tractor is the essential vehicle for farmers which, equipped with wheels or tracks, fulfills many functions:

  • transport of agricultural implements

  • towing trailers

  • accessory holder To drive a tractor-vehicle or a tractor with an implement not exceeding 2.50m, it is sufficient that the driver is at least 16 years old.

To drive a vehicle longer than this length, you must be over 18 and hold a B license.

The speed limit is 40 km / h in general and reduced to 25 km / h when the tractor is hitched to a trailer (except approved trailer).

The plow appeared between the 5th and 10th centuries and is an agricultural instrument that allows the fields to be plowed, that is to say, to turn the earth in order to recreate a quality structure.

The plow loosens the soil, eliminates the previous crop and weeds, and prepares the field for future sowing The stubble cultivator, made up of disc and tines, allows the soil to be worked superficially.

This agricultural tool is more particularly intended for burying stubble and the rest of the straw after harvest in order to promote their decomposition and the development of microorganisms.

The seed drill The seeder is a tool used for sowing seeds in regularly spaced rows, with adjustable depth (depending on the type of soil, the crop and the sowing season), and with a chosen density.

A sprayer is an agricultural machine intended to spray products in a field on crops in the form of liquid or powder. It can either be self-propelled or towed by a tractor. This machine is used for several reasons by the farmer:

  • to weed

  • to treat diseases

  • to fight against crop pests

  • for applying liquid fertilizers to crops Combine harvester The combine harvester is a self- propelled agricultural machine intended for harvesting almost all cereals. This machine is used to harvest and thresh seed plants. The front of the combine harvester varies depending on the crop.

Usually, there is the cutting, to which a cutter bar extension can be added for better profitability on the rapeseed harvest for example. For corn harvest, the cutting is replaced by a grain corn header. Unusual events There are atypical events that highlight agricultural machinery during competitions.

The Miss-Batt Cross are old reformed and sportingly arranged combine harvesters. The principle is quite simple: the competition takes place in several rounds on a closed circuit in fields, the goal is to complete the greatest number of laps as quickly as possible.

The Miss-Batt Crosses are tinkered with and customized by farmers and unnecessary and dangerous accessories are removed. The best batt cross crops can reach up to 35km / h Plowing competition The plowing competition is an event which consists of putting in competition passionate plowmen in the service of the land.

This competition is judged on the rounded relief of the earth as well as on regular crumbling, that is to say without large clods or crevices.

Aslidesi supplies a wide scope of Agricultural Market Tools and Equipment from India to all our neighborhood and worldwide clients. Alongside our wide scope of horticultural instruments, Aslidesi is additionally a main provider in the Agricultural market.

A digging tool is one of the numerous instruments made for cultivating and covers the scope of devices for farming.


A sickle one of the important tools in the agricultural market is a hand-held agrarian device with a differently bended sharp edge regularly utilized for reaping grain harvests or cutting delicious scrounge mainly for taking care of animals (either newly straightforward as feed). Numerous variations of hand sickles are utilized across numerous societies.

Digging  tool  and  SPADE

A digging tool one of the important tools in the agricultural market is an instrument for burrowing, lifting, and moving mass materials, like soil, coal, rock, snow, sand, or mineral. Digging tools are utilized broadly in farming, development, and cultivating. Most digging tools are hand devices comprising of an expansive sharp edge fixed to a medium-length handle.


Aslidesi is ordered among one of the genuine organizations for assembling, sending out, and providing a wide scope of Ax for agrarian purposes. Hatchet and our other rural devices are produced and planned to utilize the best quality material and are complimented for their ideal completion.


A pickaxe or pick one of the important tools in agricultural market is a hand device with a hard head connected opposite to the handle. They are utilized as devices for finishing, separating hard surfaces and as cultivating executes. It comprises of a handle and a head made of metal that has both a pointed and gruff end. The sharp end separates hard surfaces, while the unpolished end can be utilized to pry things up. A pickaxe can regularly separate soils that a digging tool can't. Dry, solidified dirt or rough soils can be separated utilizing the sharp finish of the hatchet.


A digger one of the important tools in agricultural market is an old and adaptable farming hand device used to shape the dirt, control weeds, clear soil, and collect root crops. Forming the dirt should be possible by heaping soil around the base of plants (hilling) or making limited wrinkles (penetrates) and shallow channels for planting seeds and bulbs. Weed control should be possible with the assistance of a digger by cutting foliage from the roots and getting the dirt free from old roots and yield deposits. Tools can be utilized for burrowing and moving the dirt utilized in the gathering of root yields like potatoes.

Mipatex  Biofloc  fish  tank

Agricultural tools

Mipatex Biofloc Tank one of the important tools in agricultural market for Fish and Shrimp Farming is comprised of High Strength PVC Material, Leakage Proof, Lasts long.

Presently do water cultivating at any spot, Mipatex Biofloc tank brings you Round Shaped Tarpaulin Fish Tank for Indoor, Remote fish cultivating. Eco-accommodating water cultivating without harming our current circumstance and keeps up the cost to profit proportion too.

Biofloc Tanks are as of now the best human-made asset to satisfy hydroponics needs without expanding the use of characteristic water and different assets. Mipatex presents to you the equivalent.

New and Healthy Aqua Food at a truly sensible expense, Mipatex empowers you to develop a framework for a similar utilizing Biofloc Fish Tank.

Bundle Content: Biofloc Fish Tank with Protection Cover, Specifications: Diameter - 4 meter, Height - 1.2 meters, Capacity - 10000 liters. Quality: 650 GSM, Material: PVC


Mipatex 450 GSM HDPE Organic Vermi Compost Maker Bed

Agricultural tools


Mipatex Vermi Compost Beds one of the important tools in the agricultural market are exceptionally intended for current development cultivating, generally use for natural cultivating. It helps ranchers make their own natural manure.

In the wake of setting up the bed, add Soil as the first layer. Add hacked Dry Straw as the second layer, it assists with holding dampness and Aeration for Earthworms. Sprinkle some

water on Dry straw to keep up the saturation. Ensure the dampness level will not surpass 40- half.

Add matured cow waste into the bed, Cow manure is nourishment for nightcrawlers. You can sprinkle some water on cow manure in the event that it is dry. Add slashed dry straw. Proceed with the cycle until the Vermi Bed totally tops off.

Appropriately disperse Cow manure to keep up uniform burden in the Vermi Bed. Sprinkle water on top of Bed, keep up dampness for Earth Worms. Presently bring Earth Worms into the Vermi Bed, Just leave them on the Vermi Bed. Cover the bed, guarantee no Direct daylight hits the bed. Manure requires 60-80 days for readiness.

Quality: 450 GSM, Size: 12ft x 4ft x 2ft, Color: Green/White, Expected life: 7 Year.


Mipatex  Tarpaulin  Sheet  Waterproof  Heavy  Duty  9ft  x  6ft,  Poly  Tarp with  Aluminum  Eyelets  every  3  feet

Agricultural tools

- One of the important tools in the agricultural market Multipurpose Quality - 200 GSM Plastic Cover for Truck, Roof, Rain, Outdoor or Sun

Additional THICK and STRONG: Made up of 100% virgin crude material, UV Stabilized, tear safe, 100% water safe, tough, adaptable and keep going long for such countless years.

WATERPROOF: Tarps can be utilized to protect boats, vehicles, campers, or engine vehicles from the components (for example wind, downpour, or daylight), as a crisis rooftop fix material for mortgage holders, and as an impermanent pickup truck bed blanket.

Secure IT EASILY: Aluminum Eyelets separated every 3 feet and at each corner permit this poly canvas to be secured constantly essentially. Make a "tent" for outdoors, fairs and that's just the beginning!

MULTIPURPOSE USE: Cover and secure your Vehicle or wood and building materials at building destinations; keep floors clean utilizing this is a drop sheet when painting or finishing - the utilizations are perpetual.

THE BEST AROUND: Made from polyethylene, this material is made to last. Try not to become weary of supplanting torn, destroyed plastic coverings, utilize one that offers the best insurance and is intended to last.

Mipatex  Tarpaulin  Sheet  Waterproof  Heavy  Duty  36ft  x  18ft,  200  GSM Plastic  Cover  Tent  -  For  Multipurpose  Plastic  Cover  for  Truck, Roof,  Rain,  Outdoor  or  Sun,  Poly  Tarp  with  Aluminum  Eyelets  every

3  feet  (Black)

Agricultural tools

one of the important tools in the agricultural market MIPATEX HDPE Tarpaulins come from 80 to 420 GSM, various sizes and distinctive shading like blue, dark, green, smooth white

and yellow. Comprised of 100% virgin crude material, UV Stabilized and recyclable material.

These items are tear safe, water-safe, solid, adaptable, supported with aluminum eyelets and ropes on all sides and keep going long for such countless years. Accessible in the two rolls and sheets.

Game Type

Secure IT EASILY: Aluminum Eyelets divided every 3 feet and at each corner permit this poly canvas to be secured a lot just. Make a "tent" for outdoors, fairs and then some!

Appropriate Weather

All Weather

Appropriate for

Multipurpose  Plastic  Cover  for  Truck,  Roof,  Rain,  Outdoor  or  Sun, Poly  Tarp  with  Aluminum  Eyelets  each  3  feet  Mipatex  half  Green Shade  Net  1m  x  25m,  Multi-Purpose  Greenhouse  Garden  Nursery Shading  Cloth  -  Blocks  Sun  Light  Dust,  Protect  Flowers  and  Plants


PREMIUM MATERIAL: Mipatex Green shade Net one of the important tools in the agricultural market is made of 100% UV balanced out high thickness polyethylene (HDPE), not the same as conventional plant cover nets.

It is hostile to maturing, pertinent for nurseries, domesticated animals lodging, poultry structures, circle structures, ranch structures, animal havens and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

UV PROTECTION: Our Shade Net squares up to half of the sun, network and breathable, turns out incredible for keeping the warmth out from the sun on parks out entryway regions deck or shielding your plants from the over the sun, overheating in greenhouses.

MORE FUNCTION: Lightweight and Durable Plant Shade Netting cover can be utilized to shield your plants from the over sun over warming, forestall ice harm on plants in winter and get plant far from creepy crawlies, development building, make an agreeable concealed zone. This net will remove unforgiving daylight, dust, UV Rays and make a lot cooler region for you, your family, pets, or nursery.

Unique in relation to OTHER: Mipatex Shade Net is lighter, more modest in volume, simple to utilize store, and have a longer lifetime.

Size: 1m x 25m, Shade Percent: half, Quality: 70 GSM, Expected Life: 2 years.

Mipatex  Inline  20mm  Drip  Irrigation  Pipe,  Dripper  at  each  40cm,  4 liter  Water  Discharge  each  Hour  (Roll  Length  200m)

Advance Agricultural tools


One of the important tools in agricultural market They have phenomenal protection from pesticides and other compound containing corrosive, alkalies, salts

UV Stabilized and impervious to other ecological impacts

It gives uniform water stream into the foundations of the harvest through correctly poked holes

Lines can be the fundamental factor that coordinates your harvest, soil, supplements, and water for ideal outcomes

Mipatex  300  Micron  HDPE  Plastic  Geomembrane  Fish  Pond  Liner  Sheet 12ft  x  24ft,  Heavy  Duty  Small  Garden  Backyard  Waterfall  Lilly Ponds  Lining  Fabric  (Black)

Advance Agricultural tools

Savvy: Mipatex HDPE lake liners one of the important tools in the agricultural market are the most practical flexible and versatile liners accessible. Ideal for lakes of all sizes with steep or delicate inclining sides, sharp corners, forms, and racking.

Amazing WATER GARDENING POND: Pliable and adaptable, adjusts to an assortment of sporadic surfaces. The astounding decision for water gardens, fish lakes, and lawn cascades. This lightweight liner is not difficult to introduce.

Tough and DURABLE MATERIAL: Attaches effectively to cascade boxes, weirs, and skimmers. Stays adaptable and malleable even in outrageous hot or cold temperatures.

Contains plasticizers that will break down in direct daylight. For best outcomes use ground cover, shakes, or rock to shield PVC liner from direct UV openness.

Numerous USES: Mipatex HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner is an ideal decision for water gardens, fish lakes, and backyard cascades. It is ideal for lakes of all sizes with steep or delicate slanting sides, sharp corners, shapes, and shelving Can be utilized for, various undertakings including Landscaping, Retaining dividers, French channels, Underlayment, Erosion Control, Gardening, Riprap channel texture, Pond underlayment, Construction Projects, and the sky is the limit from there.

CONTENT: HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner, Quality: 300 Micron, Material: HDPE Plastic, Size: 15ft x 24ft, Color: Black

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