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All you need to know before buying an Impact Wrench

Oct 13, 2021
An impact wrench is extensively used in many industries like heavy equipment maintenance, major construction projects, product assembly, automotive repair, and many more. In Impact wrenches, a pulse tool is normally used because it features a reactionless tightening and at the same time reducing the level of noise the regular impacts suffer from but, pulse tools are not known as impact wrenches as the performance and technology are not the same. Oil is used as a medium to transfer the kinetic energy from the hammer into the anvil. If you go out in the market or online to find the right Impact Wrench chances are that the amount of brand and features might be overwhelming. Here are all the things that can help you choose the right tool for your requirements.

An Impact Wrench is somewhat similar to a non-impact wrench or handheld but has a higher torque to do the job it is required for.
If a particular bolt is stripped to the extend that a handheld cannot latch on fitly to give it movement then an impact tool can be used as it may be able to supply a bolt with enough torque to rotate.

Most of the wrenches use one or two energy sources to operate. Here the pneumatic impact wrench has benefited over one powered by electricity in that it provides a higher force and is considered the most professional impact wrench.
Air tools usually weigh less and are easier to use than their counterparts.

Cost-efficient: both ratchet and impact wrench can eliminate the need of the engineer, mechanic, etc. it also eliminates the need for extra investment in multiple tools by the company. In most Industries, the inefficiency of time and funds leads to lost revenue. Both can be prevented using impact wrench as the functionality of this tool along with increased output and higher RPMs, cut down the time and cost required for the other tools to perform their respective tasks.

The material used: the material used to make the tools are paramount because of the kind of work it does. S7 tool steel is the recommended material for this kind of tool. S7 is known for its shock resistance. With the intense spike of force that some of these tools endure, they need to be made from shock-resistant materials.

Environmental Impact: Impact wrenches in particular leads to a decrease in air consumption due to the restructuring. At present, pneumatic ratchets consume approximately 5-6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 90 PSI. but with the application of an impact mechanism, it will take less time to remove a bolt, which in turn will reduce the amount of total air consumption.