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Best Wall Art Decor : 9+ Amazing Home decor Tips for You.

Mar 20, 2021

Best Wall Art Decor : 9+ Amazing Home decor Tips for You.

The most dicult is to acquire or build the premises of his house wall art decor, wall color, or keep a blank wall or wall hangings or traditional wall art etc. But what we mistakenly forget to tell you is that it is just as complex to furnish your house ideally with beautiful wall art decor. It is at the same time a question of tastes, choice, rules, and selection involving several rules. They are mostly derived from experience and lessons of use and are specic to each part of the house. For successful, ecient, and sustainable furnishing, it is essential to know them. We tell you everything here. Focus!


The basic criteria to furnish your home!

Before considering the furnishing of each room, there are basic criteria that govern the furnishings in the broad sense of a house. These criteria to be followed make it possible to optimize and perfect the choice and arrangement of furniture and wall art decor in the house. So let's nd out!

wall art for living room

The harmony between the dimensions of the destination room and the size of the furniture and selection of wall art decor :

The purchase of furniture. It is already at this stage of furnishing that special attention must be paid. Before purchasing each piece of furniture, take into account its size and the dimensions of the room in which it is to be installed. This of course assumes that it is strongly discouraged to make furniture purchases on a whim or indiscriminately.

Remember that a gigantic piece of furniture in a small room reduces all the space and decreases the ease. A piece of furniture that is too small could still be preferable even if it risks reducing the potential of the room. The ideal is to opt for furniture whose size is relatively adequate for the dimensions of your room. Large room, large furniture, and small room, small furniture. So keep it's harmony!

wall hanging decor

When we nd the house or apartment of our dreams, it is tempting to rush to the store to buy all the furniture and decoration that we like. However and before that, it is important to list the furniture you already have and the one you are missing. You can then develop another list with the furniture and decoration that you would like to add to please yourself but which are less essential. This action will not only allow you to establish your priorities but also to achieve signicant savings. In addition, it will also prevent you from nding yourself too crowded once you arrive in your new place of life.

What is my way of life?

An easy-going space should not only be pleasant but also and above all functional. Many will tend to copy the layout and decoration they admire on the glossy paper of decoration magazines: to do so is often a mistake ... Indeed, it is imperative that the layout of your house or apartment suits you and is adapted to your lifestyle. \

What are your habits? What are the rooms that you frequent the most?

All of these questions need to be answered very precisely so that you are comfortable at home. It is necessary that you imagine yourself moving in space so that you can see if the furniture is obstructing your path or that the storage is placed too high etc. Do not hesitate to visit your future accommodation several times when it is empty in order to understand the space as best as possible.

The design of the furniture and the decoration theme of the room and the wall art decor matters :

wall art design

The furniture is the first decoration! If you plan to opt for a particular decoration in your room, it is already by choosing the furniture that you will have to install this decoration.

For a vintage style, for example, pretty wooden furniture will be ideal to set the scene and set the tone for the room.


If you want a softer and more modern room, you can turn to synthetic for the upholstery of the furniture. You can also explore very pretty models made of both wood and other materials at Aslidesi

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Metal wall hanger


 metal wall art or metal wall hangings we can say is also one of the most popular wall art. wooden wall art

Metal wall decor

Metal leaf wall decor

w all arts for Living room


family tree wall or tree wall arts


canvas wall arts design   kitchen wall arts

canvas wall arts design


 kitchen wall arts

Metal atique Ganesha

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wall accent and metal photo frame


The resistance and durability of the furniture and wall art decor as well


Furnishing a home is a long-term investment. It is therefore imperative to combine beauty, suitability, and aesthetics with resistance and durability to fully enjoy it. There is no point in buying the world's finest and most ideal piece of furniture and wall art decor in your room if it is for it to deteriorate and become useless or loses its shine in a short period . So make a point of honor on the quality of the furniture and wall art decor when buying.


Do not hesitate to ask the seller or the dealer for information or to consult on the Internet the opinions of former users of this type of furniture to ensure its durability. Materials of construction such as wood, metal, or steel are usually indicators of strength. However, this does not exclude control.

How should each part of the house be furnished and well decorated with wall art decor?

large wall decor

Beyond the basic criteria for choosing furniture intended for furnishing and wall art decor for a house, there are certain septic rules and tips for every part of the house. We will focus here on the most common parts, namely the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the terrace.

The living room :

Living room wall decor

A space of well-being! This is what a salon should be by definition. Thus, the first rule to observe here is to free up space for free and optimized circulation in the living room. We are often tempted by many very pretty pieces of furniture that would go perfectly in our living room, it is not forbidden to buy them, but it is, however, advisable to limit yourself to what is strictly necessary and not to overdo it in the living room furniture material.

Living room wall decor

The sofa, the armchairs, an audiovisual unit, a storage unit, a coffee table, antic wall art decor and (relatively) a carpet constitute the strict essentials to furnish a living room. If the room is large enough, additional small pieces of furniture would be welcome (bookcase, ottoman, magazine rack, etc. If the room is small, don't bother with too much accessory furniture.

Bedroom wall arts and furnishing

bedroom furnishing

The bedroom is for the most part the room where we spend the most time. It is therefore important that it is tailored to your taste and that it is conducive to ease and comfort indoors. Its decoration and layout, therefore, vary a priority according to individual preferences. However, some furniture and wall art decor is essential here as well. We can cite :

bedding: the bed and mattress must be of good quality. Also make sure that bedding is well- accessorized ( cushions, table of bedside drawers, etc.).

storage furniture: also very essential in a bedroom, think of wardrobes, dressers, desks [if possible], etc. Be careful, however, not to clutter the room.

the comforts of furniture: if they are not strictly necessary, they are useful ( the art blinds or the coat rack in particular).

Furnish your bathroom


A bathroom is a hygienic place par excellence. We must therefore feel comfortable there to get to clean properly. Beyond comfort, certain pieces of furniture are therefore essential in this room of the house. It is :

a shower or [if possible] a bathtub;

a mirror ; a sink ;

a storage unit (shelf, cupboard, etc.);

the racks (for soap, towel, etc.).


Furnishing a kitchen and modern wall arts


metal antique clock

We cannot talk about household furniture without talking about the kitchen. Like the bathroom, hygiene and storage are also very important here. Beyond the preferences and needs of each, we can already consider certain pieces of furniture is essential. This is among others the dresser, the pantry to the table and kitchen stools,

and cupboards for storage.


How to furnish your terrace(outdoor wall arts)?


Metal antique wall art

When it comes to the terrace, freeing up space is the golden rule. Avoid unnecessary clutter and furniture as much as possible. With outdoor furniture consisting of a garden table with chairs or soft and light garden furniture, you should be fine. Do not forget the small hammock, the Chilean, or the lounge chair [on the large terraces] for ideal relaxation.

Here! Now you know everything about furnishing your home. Above all, make her beautiful. Shape it to your liking to feel totally at ease and at home!