Buy for someone special

Gift guide: unique gifting ideas for every occasion

Oct 5, 2021

Buying the perfect gift for your loved ones is not an easy task. The people special in your life you want them to feel celebrated every moment you can. You want to gift them something out of the box just to see that smile on their face. But often finding something unique takes too long and tiring and you end up buying the same dull gifts like accessories, phones, wallets, clothes, etc. However, it’s the little thoughtful gifts with a personalized touch that bring happiness to your loved ones and make them feel special and important. To make it easy for you to buy simple yet heart-touching gifts, here’s my collection of the most unique and popular gifts.

Unique stone studded pendant: most women like to wear a necklace. A unique stone such as water pearl, emerald, sapphire, ruby, or any just stone can make a unique yet special gift for a woman. It’s not just an extraordinary gift it’s something that can be kept close to them and be with them till eternity. The gift can be selected according to personal likes and dislikes. So, get a pendant for your special person and make them feel loved.

A photo calendar full of cherished memories: photos of loved ones are full of cherished moments and memories and also an instant source of joy. A calendar full of those special memories is a great gift to fill their days with more happiness and gratitude. A customized photo pillow: these types of gifts are gaining popularity in recent times and why not! Doesn’t the idea of a pillow with the face of your loved one or your special memories give comfort? And if they love their pet more than anything you could gift them a pillow with their pet’s photo on it. If you are good at painting or drawing you can also gift them a customized pillow with your drawing on it.

Long-distance touch lamps or bracelets: if your loved one lived a long distance away from you or even if they live nearly but are busy in their life which does not allow you guys to meet as often as possible gift them long-distance touch lamps or bracelets. It comes in pairs one for you and the other for your loved one. This gifts idea is extraordinary whoever came up with these gifts is a genius. Whenever you miss your loved ones just touch the bracelet or lamp and the same will light up wherever the other is.

A Treasure trail: everybody loves a good treasure hunt. Organizing it and making it unique for someone is what takes effort and where most get stuck. Fret not folks now you can get it done by an expert. Many gifting sites provide this kind of service where they hide the clues in small bottles and pack them in small boxes. Once your loved one solves the final clue, they get to the treasure which is also prepared according to your requirements.