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Guide to select the perfect angle grinders as per your requirements.

Oct 13, 2021
Angle Grinders has multiple uses. If you don’t know what angle grinders are, you can easily find them at construction sites or shops that work on metallic objects. You can use it for polishing, cutting, grinding, and sanding. There are a variety of angle grinders in the market and selecting one that fulfills your requirements can be a challenge. So, here are some things you need to consider before buying an Angle Grinder.

Disc diameter: this is a key consideration to make while looking for an angle grinder. The size of the disc determines how deep the machine can cut. The larger the disc the greater the cutting depth and vis-a-versa. A larger disc is also considered more powerful than smaller ones but at the same time, the smaller disc rotates at a higher speed and is easy to handle. The wearing rate of the smaller disc is much higher than the larger disc due to which they need replacement more frequently.

Spindle lock: although the electric angle grinders are preferred by many, the risk of injury while working with them cannot be neglect. Angle grinders keep running until the main electricity source is disconnected which can be a reason which can lead to injury. To avoid this buying an angle grinder with a spindle lock would be recommended.

Speed: you can choose between single-speed and variable speed angle grinders. Single-speed runs only at a certain speed whereas variable speed angle grinders can be run on various speed modes enable you to perform delicate work at lower speeds. The speed control in a variable speed angle grinder can increase the price of the tool.

Motor power: amp rating, wattage, and voltage of an angle grinder may vary with the type of machine. Higher wattage will give more power while cutting tough materials like thick iron and can be used for longer period.

Auxiliary handle: it is also an important feature that can determine your choice while purchasing an Angle Grinder. Some machines come with rigidly attached handles which can be difficult to use because if you are a left-handed operator and the handle is attached on the right side, you won’t be able to use your right hand properly. Hence, always go for an angle grinder with additional auxiliary handles.

Budgeting: you do not buy this kind of heavy machine now and then. It is a one-time purchase. So, if you are thinking of purchasing one of them make sure to go through reviews and talk with previous customers, to be sure before buying an angle grinder. There are some high-end brands in India such as Black and Decker, Bosch, Hitachi, etc. from which you can select one.