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How is Buying Swadeshi going to help the Indian Economy

Sep 27, 2021

According to Mintel’s ‘Attitudes towards Localism-Indian Consumer-2021’ reports, consumers have shown increased interest in local products due to Covid. There has been a growing concern pertaining to products like the source, ingredients, benefits and how environment friendly a product is. 45% of Indians have switched to buying local products. The trend is highest among women of age 35-44 at 58%. It could be due to the familiarity offered by these products, to help local communities and because technology made it easier. 1. Purchasing locally produced items helps keep the money in the same country. At least, as long as the producer does not invest the money in another country. 2. Price of goods reduce because of low cost, simple packing, processing and shipping cost. 3. Buying more goods will lead to higher profit. Thus, increasing the living standards of the employers who work in the business. 4. Since more products will be produced locally, the company will expand. The revenue generated will also go to government as taxes. Increased revenue means increased tax. 5. Money saved from swadeshi goods and can be invested back in local businesses. This will improve the quality and net worth of the company. 6. There will be less processing of goods. Hence, products are going to be durable and have a long life-span. 7. Less processing means less pollution. An example would be Russia and China. Most of their population buy and use country made products. Thus, contributing towards the progress of the nation. Dabur, Ajanta, Atlas, Bajaj, Voltas, Blue Star, Patanjali, etc. are giving good competition to other non-desi brands. Using swadeshi is a symbol of prosperity and pride. Most of us grew while being embarrassed of our culture. Through the purchase of swadeshi, we are going to challenge our biases. And preserve our heritage for future generations.