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How to select the right water flow meter

Oct 18, 2021
The water flow meter is used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rate of water used in residential and commercial buildings. Water flow meters are used at the water sources or throughout the water system to calculate the flow rate of the water system. The flow rate of water is measured in cubic meters/m3 or liters on a mechanical or an electrical register. All in all a water flow meter is used to monitor the fluid flow through a pipe or vessel in real-time and to control the water volume. These devices can measure cold water, hot water, dirty water, clean water, and slurries. While choosing water flow meters, you need to consider some factors like experience with maintenance, spare parts availability, the familiarity of plant personnel, and so on. Following are some things you need to consider while buying a water flow meter.

Total life cost of installation: the cost of buying and installing a simple water flow meter is not very high. But while purchasing a flow meter device, it is important to take into account the actual cost of maintenance over the years of operation.

Consider your requirements before making a purchase: while buying a water flow meter consider what is its use for you and is it for commercial or residential use. The digital water flow meter is a cost-effective option used for short-term monitoring and once programmed, the cold water flow meter, hot water flow meter provides an accurate solution to monitor, control, and record processes with efficiency.

Consider customer reviews and other available information: go to online eCommerce websites which provide industrial products, read the reviews available on the site with will help you to select the proper water flow meter according to your requirements. You can choose from flow meter accessories, flow measurement devices, electromagnetic flow meters, oil measures, fuel meters, etc. you can also compare prices of different flow meters to get the best deal.

Consider device’s operating parameter: parameters like line pressure, types of fluid, flow rate, temperature levels, user-friendliness, accuracy, and device life must be considered before purchasing a water flow meter.

Consider more than one supplier: before making a purchase go through several suppliers and inquire about the products they offer and their prices. This will help you to make an accurate deal which will meet all your requirements. You must use a reliable supplier who provides a good quality product and is recognized to provide higher aftercare service and knowledgeable support at the best price.