How to start an online clothing business in India

Oct 23, 2021

Taking your business online has become important now than ever. The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the definition of local stores. Irrespective of what kind of business you have, the nationwide lockdowns and quarantine have had a great impact on physical stores by slowing down your business growth and revenue. This has resulted in a crack between you and your business relations. This ongoing situation has made the seller desperate for a solution or an alternative. To deal with this situation, one of the best options for retail businesses would be to get their business online and register with an eCommerce platform. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the steps required to take your clothing retail business online. Let’s dive in. Do some basic preparations: this step is essential for every type of business, to start an online business. Before you register with any eCommerce platform, you need to do some research work first. You have to ask yourself questions like, what type of clothing do you want to sell online? Which age group does your target audience belong to? And what region do you want to focus on? Always remember everything takes time and try to start small and focus on promotions. If you have this all sort out then you can move forward with the idea of taking your business online. You need a roadmap: after being done with the basic research, the next thing you need is a business plan which will be a roadmap for your business containing your business goals and ways to achieve them. In business planning you work on raising capital, defining targets for upcoming months, creating teams, and identifying the drawbacks of your business. While making a business plan for a clothing business there are several variables such as marketing, sales, manpower, and warehouse which you need to consider. These variables depend on the kind of business you have or plan to start. Select an eCommerce platform: After preparing a business plan, the most important part is to select an eCommerce platform and register into that platform to take your business online. This will connect you to your potential customers and act as an online representation of your store. There are several eCommerce platforms to choose from, but you need to consider some factors like if the platform offer service to clothing retails? if they can connect you to potential customers? What is the range of the platform? It is important to choose the one which fits your requirement the most. Aslidesi is an Indian eCommerce platform which promotes made in India goods and services and offer Indian retailer, wholesalers, manufacturers, farmers and even global players a desi platform to represent their products and services.