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Indian Chocolates to Bite On

Oct 15, 2021
Chocolates. It might be a generalization but is there anyone who does not like chocolates? And what's more not only are the following chocolate delicious but also Made in India!

1. Ether: Atelier Chocolat
Founded by Chef Prateek Bakhtiani. He moved to Mumbai in 2018 to set up atelier. A place for creativity, innovation and exploration of chocolates. Chefs were encouraged to to experience, terroir and composition of chocolate. From these experiments, they produced a set of five inspiration driven collections biannually and brought them to chocolate enthusiasts across the country. They also host a viewing gallery for people to voyeur on the creative process behind the cholate making.

Products: Cask Aged Tiramisu (Rupees 3, 540), Cappuccino Pecans (Rupees 475), Kizuna (Rupees 3,250), Sultan Box (Rupees 1,250)

2. Amul Chocolate
Founded by Verghese Kurian and Tribhivandas Patel in 1946. Its establishment is known as the White Revolution. In 2021, Amul celebrated 75 years of existence and is currently India's biggest FMCG with an Annual turnover exceeding Rupees Five Hundred Billion. Amul Chocolate was born in 1973.

Products made include Classic Dark Chocolates, Premium Dark Chocolates, Exotic Milk Variants, Single Origin Dark Chcolate, Emotion Packs like Happy Birthday, Best Wishes and I Love You, Dark Passion Amul Wafer, etc.

3. Trinity-Truffles Extraordinaire
It costs rupees 4.3 lakh per kg and is world's most expensive chocolate. ITC;s luxury chocolate brand Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates introduced this limited edition range. It entered into the Guinness Book of Record as the most expensive chocolate.

It comes in three variants. First, toasted coconut ganache infused with Tahitian vanilla beans. Second, Ghana dark chocolate and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. And finally, St.Dominique dark chocolate sourced from extreme west.

The chocolates are sold in handmade wooden box containing fifteen truffles and weight about 15 g each. The made to order box is available at rupees one lakh.