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Induction Cooktops that are Made in India

Oct 23, 2021

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100 W Induction Cooktop (Black) Brand: Philips Material: Glass Power source: Corded Electric Ignition System Type: Electronic Use cookware with a bottom diameter of more than 12 cm or less than twenty cm. Cookware weight should be less than 8 kg. Press the cooking mode button after pressing the on/off button. Otherwise, the induction cooker with switched off automatically. Press a cooking mode button after you press the on/off button. Otherwise, it will switch off automatically. Use induction-compatible cookware with a flat bottom made of iron or magnetic stainless steel. If not, the induction cooktop will not function or heat up properly. Dimensions of the product: 35.5 cm x 28.1 cm x 6.5 cm Weight of the item: 2.6 kg (2 kg 600 g) Electromagnetic induction technology ensures high heating efficiency, cooks food faster than a gas stove. Seals nutrition into the food and prevents vitamin loss. Zero to three-hour time setting. Environment friend. Up to 2100 W for fast cooking. Touch start for easy use. Material of body: Microcrystal plate With fast cooking, auto-off program, comfortable and without flame and cool to touch surface. It is a product with safety as its priority. The voltage used 220 to 240 V. Frequency: 50 Hz Wattage: 2100 W

2. Pigeon Cruise 1800 W Induction Cooktop (12303) with Touch Button Induction Stove comes with 7 Preset Menus and Auto-Shutoff features (Black) Material: Glass, Plastic Item dimensions: 33 cm x 28 cm x 592 cm Weight: 1527 kg Seven segments LED display for power and temperature. Comes with high-grade electrical that protects against short circuits. The superior-top plate can withstand very high temperatures. Durable. Smart timer for hands-free cooking. Cord length: 1.3 m. Worktop material: Carbon steel. Preset timer: Auto switch off. Soft push button. Manual temperature control. Ninety-three percent energy-saving technology. Power input: 220 V Power consumption: 1800 W

3. Prestige PIC 20 1600 W Induction Cooktop with Push Button Dimension: 39 cm x 32 cm x 10 cm Weight: 4.14 pounds Voltage: 230 V Wattage: 1600 W Works only with induction base cookware. Bottom diameter 12 cm to 26 cm. The Control panel is a push-button Indian menu option. Aerodynamic cooling system. An automatic voltage regulator saves power. Buy these and many more on AsliDesi. An e-commerce website dedicated to bringing to you Made in India products. Recognized by the Government of India, it specializes in wholesale products.