List of 2021 fashion trending in this festive season for women who loves fashion

Oct 4, 2021

Following the awfulness of 2020 fashion trends due to online business meetings and visual fashion shows, 2021 brings some revitalizing changes you’ll love to know about. The season has changed so how can fashion trends be the same? Earlier runways and magazines use to determine fashion trends but now social media street styles, youth culture, and celebrities are the new go-to for fashion trends. Here’s your update on fashion trends of 2021.

The year of XXL: it's time to ditch fitted clothes and try some extra-large comfortable clothes, it’s not coming from me it’s what the world is going for. XXL has become the new trend in 2021 because it’s comfortable, easy to handle, and looks good on everyone. An XXL button-down can be paired in many ways. You can simply pair it with jeans, wear it with a corset over it with a belt to make it look like a dress. It’s can be worn during winter or summer or any season.

Monochrome power: fashion trends will continue to change but monochrome is here to stay for good. You can style a monochrome outfit with a basic like a shirt, jacket or a t-shirt. No wonder, it’s a prominent choice for both designers and celebrities all over the world. For instance, Kangana Ranaut who is a runway model was seen with a monochrome look while traveling pairing the outfit with a pair of pink heels just made her look stunning.

Bohemian Florals: synonymous with the spring, flowers have always been represented as beauty, renewal, and the feminine side of nature. The connection between florals and feminine can be traced back to one hundred years of fashion. 2020 was the year of bohemian florals however, the current trend of fashion in 2021 can be described as adding petals to the metal. This year is no longer interested in vintage style and rose prints. Instead, florals are taking the show over.

Layer upon layer: one of the easiest and modern ways of styling is knowing how to layer your basics. If you haven’t tried it and have been running away from the layer, it’s time to embrace it. For the start, you can wear neutral palettes with one piece of bright cloth that stands out or you can just throw your jacket over your shoulders for a stylish look. To avoid a fashion disaster refrain from mixing different patterns and print when layering.

Bucket Hats: the bucket hat is back to rule the fashion world. Search for bucket hats went up when some of the Indian celebrities were seen wearing bucket hats while enjoying a nice vacation. Bucket hats never really went away, it is an ideal hat to wear during the lockdown, it is great for a head full of curls and it is also a hat that screams it’s summer.

Wide leg jeans: In 2021, most trends are leaning toward comfort over anything. However, it’s not surprising to me, considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. This also means it's time to say tata bye-bye to skinny jeans and embrace the wide-leg denim. And the best part is you can style it in a variety of ways at the same time enjoy the comfort.