New Technological Innovations in the field of Agriculture, India.

Oct 4, 2021

There are an estimated 600 million farms in the world among this around 145-150 farms belong to India. With the ever-growing population and limited available resources, sustainable farming is taking the centre stage in the agriculture technologies industry. More focus is placed to bring about sustainable intensification in farming. To achieve this goal sustainable farming technologies require more adoption that in turn will help with pest control, crop management, quality control, and integrated disease management. Advances in the creation and adoption of technology are key to the future of agriculture in India as farmers strive to feed the population with limited natural resources. India still has a long way to go when it comes to the adoption of technology, here are some technologies which will help the current and future generations of farmers to practice agriculture without compromising the needs of the earth.

Agricultural Drones: These are simple, yet efficient technological gadgets in the production field peculiarly in terms of manpower and time. Drone phase-out wastage of time by quickening activities and are also cost-efficient which relieves the farmer from a lot of financial strains. It helps farmers in monitoring crops and to take necessary steps for increasing production. There are several new varieties added to drones which makes it easy for the farmers to use them and be on the profitable side. Information

Technology with Artificial Intelligence: Indian agriculture sector has picked up its pace in synergizing the advantages of Information technology and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies help farmers by data analytics, weather simulations, and satellite monitoring. One major area that uses both these technologies is precision agriculture which involves the collection and analyses of data of individual plants. The Indian Agriculture Ministry had played a key role in the increased adoption of these technologies. Indian farmers now use satellite imagery which is a data-gathering system to arrive at actual crop yield and production capacity from an area.

Post-Harvesting Technology: Post-harvesting is an essential step in Agriculture and it is in a need of low-cost technology. Being prone to external factors, post-harvest space is highly volatile, to be more specific post-harvest losses may lead to losses in packaging, transportation, handling, and storage which can be effectively overcome by encouraging modern infrastructure, adoption of the latest machinery, thermal processing, and low-cost preservation techniques. Adoptions of modern post-harvesting technology have the potential to create rural industries by transforming a farmer from a mere cultivator to a tech-processor and a machine operator.