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Pick the right safety shoes with the help of this guide

Oct 27, 2021

When working in a heavy-duty industry, safety is of utmost importance and it is advisable to follow all the safety rules. Safety helmets, safety goggles, and safety shoes are the most important safety tools for personal protection. Many consider safety shoes a burden and do not use them, but it is an essential tool for people working in the construction industry. It keeps your feet safe from heavy tools or slippage, especially work with the constant risk involved with it. Today, numerous brands have entered the market to sell different kinds of safety boots. But before buying one you need to consider its uses and types. Here are some things you should know before buying safety shoes. Types of safety shoes: Composite shoes: these are specially designed for someone working under a metal detector or who needs to stand/ walk for long. These are much lighter than others as they consist of any heavy object like metal within them. This feature also cannot transfer heat or cold. Steel shoes: these are some of the most common and preferred safety shoes types. The toe cap in these shoes is made up of steel, which helps protect the foot from any heavy metal or object. It is covered and can conduct temperature. These tools are popular that's why brands keep launching new types of steel toe safety shoes with better features like fittings and comfort to make them wearable for multiple hours. Aluminum toe shoes: these are considered lightweight but are thicker than steel toe safety shoes. It’s a great option for people who need to wear safety shoes but carry heavyweight footwear. Fiber toe shoes: these are non-metallic and are made of lightweight fiber and do not have any impact resistance. One of the best parts about these is, they are made up of fiber which is extremely rigid which allows them to offer very high performance with minimal encumbrances. Sole types: Rubber: one of the most common materials used in the safety shoe sole. It has resistance to oil, slip, abrasion, and so on. Electrical and chemical industry workers are highly recommended to use this king of soles. It also works well on a wet surface. PU sole: these polyurethane soles are highly durable with double density. These are quite lightweight and comfortable to wear. These come in both single as well as double density soles. Of-course double density soles provide better resistance to abrasives and last longer than single density soles but at the same time are more expensive than single density. The safety footwear available at Aslidesi is heat, oil, and chemical resistance. they also comply with ISI specifications. Hence, can be used in a wide range of industrial settings, from construction sites to excavation sites.