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Some are Delicious foods you must to try while travelling in North India

Oct 4, 2021

Trying some famous local dishes while traveling somewhere is an essential part of experiencing and experimenting a new culture. Food is often considered an identity that represents tradition and culture and helps you build a connection to a community. In a country like India, each part has different cuisine and flavor. Indian foods have gain popularity around the world, but nothing compares to authentic spices and flavor across the subcontinent. Here are some of my favorite foods that every traveler should have in there must-try list while visiting North India.

Shahi Paneer: this creamy feast is originated from Mughlai cuisine of India hence ‘shahi’ which is a reference to the royal title of Shahanshah in Mughal India. Shahi paneer is a cheesy curry made of onion, cheese, tomatoes, ground cashews, cream, clarified butter, and paneer with lots of Indian spices. It is served mainly with Indian flat-bread such as naan or roti or puri, and rice. Traditionally it is prepared during some special occasions and festivals as a main course.

Rogan josh: Also spelled as roghan josh or roghan ghosht. The name comes from rogan which meaning clarified butter and josh meaning passion or heat. It is an aromatic lamb curry associated with the Kashmir region of India with a believed to be of Persian origin. The dish is characterized by tender mutton and a thick red sauce made from Kashmiri red chillies.

Dal makhani: Originated from Punjab region of India, Dal makhana has become very popular Indian lentil dish both in the country and outside the country. It is made of whole black lentils (urad) and red kidney beans. These two are mixed with tomato puree, great amount of ghee, selected herbs and spices like garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, and sabzi masala. Makhani means butter which is why hefty of butter is used while preparing this dish. If someone love butter in their food Dal Makhani is the best choice for them.

Tandoori chicken: Also known as Tandoori murgh is one of my all time favorite non-veg food. If you are a chicken lover without doubt it’s the best dish to delight their taste buds. Its name came from the Persian word Tannur which means Fire so you can say this dish is for someone with fire in their heart. This dish is prepared from chicken that is marinated in yogurt, seasoned with tandoori masala, cumin, and nutmeg then placed on skewers. Traditionally, it is prepared at a high temperature in a cylindrical coven made up of clay called tandoor, which gives it the smoky flavor.