Fashion Guide

Some guidelines/tips about men's fashion from a women

Nov 1, 2021

‘I am not good at dressing’ Or ‘fashion is not my cup of tea’ Does that sound like something you had heard before? Well, let me tell you the truth about styling or dressing well ‘It is not something you are naturally born with. It is a skill which everyone needs to learn and improve in’. here are some guidelines/tips on how men can master styling. Identify the style you like: It’s not like everyone knows what they like and what they don’t when it comes to styling themselves but is it possible to learn to identify your style? Yes, it is, for the beginning try to list down some men like celebrities, singers, friends, neighbors, or even a fictional character whose style you think is good and that is in the direction you prefer to style even if you think you won’t be able to pull it off just list might help you clear out what you looking for. Go for Neutral colors: Black, blue or white are the colors that are timeless and can go with any other color. They are the colors that never go out of fashion. which is why it is a must to have them in your closet at any time Get the right fit: It is one of the most essential to get the right fit when it comes to styling. Most of the problems related to dressing can be solved by just getting the right fit. If the clothes don’t fit properly, they do not complement your body proportions can leave you looking sloppy but a perfect fit can make simple jeans and a t-shirt look better than a not fitting expensive suit. Think before jumping on the bandwagon: If you think following every new trend will help you look fashionable so you are in the wrong direction. Jumping in on any new trend without properly negotiating it will leave you with a hole in the pocket. Follow a trend that you think suits you well and make you feel more confident about yourself. Be minimalistic: Do not opt for too much at one time, no one likes too much going on at once. Use minimal everything like minimal design, minimal accessories, minimal colors this will help you look cool and classy at the same time. Opt for something you are comfortable with. Shoe it up: Always pay attention to what you are wearing on your legs. Be very specific when it comes to shoes. Make sure you are wearing a pair which goes well with your clothes. Investing in a classy pair of shoes always comes in handy. You don’t start with confidence but you build it: think of the time when you did something for the first time you weren’t necessarily confident when you start but as time goes by you become more and more confident. It’s the same when it comes to fashion you need to start small and let yourself build little by little and that is the key to how you get your perfect style.