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Some of the healthy and easily available Indian snacks

Oct 2, 2021

Healthy eating is one of the great ways for staying fit and losing some of those extra calories which you might have put on during a festive season and who would blame you Indian festive foods are on another level. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain a proper diet here are some easily available healthy snacks you could get in India.

Chia Pudding: this recipe is easy to make and all the ingredients are easily available in the market. You just need some chia seed, any kind of milk, any fruits you like, oats and cinnamon put them together in the blender, and voila it is ready to eat. Healthy and tasty morning snacks.

Crackers: who says crackers have to be unhealthy? There are so many healthy crackers introduced in the market made by nuts, oats, mixed seeds, even with grains. These are healthy and light snacks you could have during a 5-minute break or while watching a movie or on a lazy weekend.

Khakhra: it is mostly handmade similar to Indian flatbread (chapatti or roti). Made by mixing different flour like wheat, rice, millet, and Indian spices. Lots of people have a misconception of Khakhra being a fried food but it is not, it’s a baked snack low in calories and easy to digest.

Thepla: it is a typical Gujarati breakfast dish that can be eaten as snacks and a side dish. It is made of wheat flour, besan, methi (fenugreek leaves), and other spices. It goes well with yogurt, red garlic chutney, chhundo (mango pickle). Theplas can be made with different vegetables or even with garlic but the most popular version is methi thepla.

Roasted Makhana: this is one of my favorites go-to snacks of all time. You can get roasted makhana at any local convenience store or you can order it online, even if you don’t get them you can easily purchase the raw one and roast them at home just throw in some herbs and species you like and some salt that will do the trick. It’s healthy as it has a good amount of protein with healthy carbs.

Ragi Laddo: these Ladoos are delicious, easy to make, healthy, and full of nutrition. You can prepare ragi ladoos at your home with ragi flour, jaggery, nuts, and seeds. Ragi grains are full of nutrition and are popular in many south Indian houses as a healthy snack. They are great snacks for kids and women.