Wholesale buying

The ultimate guide to find the best online wholesaler for your business

Oct 11, 2021
It does seem like a difficult task to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier and at the same time meets all of your requirements for product selection, quality standards, delivery facilities, and demand. It can be a challenge to survive in the competition if your current wholesale supplier doesn’t meet your requirements. So, to get back on track the online search begins. There is an umpteen number of wholesalers out there but, the main challenge is how to know where to look? What to look for? If you are someone who is trying to find wholesalers online, things can get confusing real fast. But you do not need to worry. This post is all about helping the likes of you to track down the best online wholesalers. This post is gonna help you spend less time searching and more time building. So, let's began…

What to look for in an online wholesaler: when you decide to go online for the first time, one of the biggest fears can be choosing the wrong wholesaler. Questions like what if I choose a wholesaler who cannot meet my demands? If the supplier I choose is wrong then, do I have to start all over again? What if they are a great match on paper but do not turn out the ways you thought? Even worse, what if they turn out to be a scammer? If this is what goes through your mind here, are few things you can put on your checklist.

• Make sure to know if the potential sellers are manufacturers or distributors. If they are distributors then, they are the 'Middle man' between you and the manufacturer. They charge an extra fee for providing their services. Sometimes it is worth it for more convenience, but sometimes you are better off going straight to the supplier.
• Does their service meet your requirements? It is the essential question you have to ask yourself before selecting a supplier for your business.
• You also need to research their customer service. You need to make sure that they have promising traits of availability, ability, and fast response times. If that’s not the case then, it can be a red flag
• If it’s a marketplace or directory, does it help facilitate your transaction when you buy from them? This can end up saving you from a lot of headaches in the long run.

How to spot scammers: you have probably already heard about some horror stories of honest entrepreneurs who got scammed out of their hard-earned money. It's totally fine if you are hesitant. So, to understand between fake and real. Here, are some things you should look for to identify the good from the bad:

• Check the online reviews. Lower the rating higher the chance that you will have some issue working with them.
• Also, check how many reviews they have. More reviews mean more store owners have purchased from them and that can be reliable.
• They should be easy to contact. If they make it difficult to contact them through their phone or website then, it's a red flag.
• See if they ask for your business ID or tax ID number. Legit online wholesalers will use this number to make sure you are trustable or not.