Top 5 products exported from India

Oct 27, 2021

During the past several years, the Indian export market had a great impact on the Indian economy. Even though covid-19 has badly affected this market, it will likely take time to get back on track. Still, it has been coping well and has a great scope if any business wants to get started with export trade. Before covid-19, this market use to contribute approximately 4% to India’s gross economic output, but it is getting back on track. It is a vast market exporting many essential goods to other countries. If you are someone who is planning to or is already involved in this market then, Aslidesi is the right place for you to display the products you want to export. It provides a platform for the exporter to conduct export services through its website. Let us take a comprehensive look at the list of these 5 products exported from India. Textile: Textile is materials consisting of natural as well as artificial fibers. It includes things like apparel accessories, and articles of clothing. It is one of the well-established industries of the Indian market. You can also say it is India’s trump card when it comes to exports from India. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates are some of India’s top textile importing countries. It exports nearly 50% of textile products to these three countries. India is the largest jute producer, sharing 63% of the global market of textiles and garments. It makes the textile export business an ideal industry for you to start your exports in. Jewelry: Jewelry is a traditional symbol of Indian culture. It has been here for who knows how long. The culturally diverse society of India makes jewelry unique. Its designs are one of a kind. Materials like gold, silver, diamond, pearl, etc are used in preparing pieces of jewelry. In recent times, this sector is supported by various government policies and bank schemes, making it a safe and secure industry to trade in plus, it provides various tax benefits. The United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Hong Kong are the top exporting of jewelry from India. Petroleum products: Even though, India export petroleum products from other countries. It still is one of the largest players in petroleum products export. After jewelry, this is the second-largest exporting product of India. India is highly dependent on exports of oil-based products to support its economy. Pharmaceutical: India ranks among the top player in exports of pharmaceutical products. To your surprise, the USA is the biggest importer of Indian Pharmaceuticals, with approximately 40% of total exports during the year 2016. This industry has seen a huge growth rate over the past few decades. The covid-19 vaccine exports have also contributed to the glory of this sector. Steel and Iron Industry: India is one of the largest producers of steel in the world. TISCO, IISCO, and some other steel and iron companies play a major role in the export of these materials. Italy, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Belgium are some of the top importers of Indian steel and Iron products.