Travel in Style with these Made in India Luggage Bags

Oct 19, 2021
1. The Burlap People
The bags are made of burlap or jute. Burlap is also known as hessian or gunny. it comes from jute plant and is biodegradable material which in turn make the bags eco-friendly. They also offer customization. Name embossed on leather, extra pockets, bigger size, secret compartments and anything else you desire.

Create a statement without causing harm to environment. They are fun, fashionable and environment friendly. They also support indigenous craft community.

2. Mix Mitti
The company aims to bring exclusive range of high and lifestyle accessory products. Items are handcrafted by skilled artisans as an initiative of skill development and creating awareness towards life and global issues. They craft quality, cruelty free products. And provide awareness through images that are showcased on them. It is a great platform for ethical buying without compromising on fashion. Every item is an expression of individuality and meaningful fashion.

Their motto is to be unique, create awareness and bring a change.

They contribute a portion of their purchase to animal welfare and conservation. By buying from them, one is supporting sustainable jobs for artisans, bringing awareness towards Indian fauna and moving away from fast fashion.

3. Nappa Dori

It is one of India's foremost contemporary design brands that has captured the imagination of the world through carefully curated design aesthetic and craftmanship that preserves artisanal sensibilities and minimalism to harmoniously blend form with function.

Behind the brand is visionary creative force of Gautum Sinha. Currently, they have a store in twenty countries.

Inspired by minimalism, detail oriented craftmanship and is India's rising creative scions.

4. Wildcraft

Indian manufacturing company headquartered in Bangalore. The company's products are sole in 200+ exclusive stores and 4,000 multi-branded stores in India and abroad. The co-founders of the company are Siddharth Sood and Gaurav Dublish in 1998.