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Turn the Lights on Using these Made in India Switches

Oct 18, 2021
1. EZ Home 16A Switch - Smart Switches for Your Smart Home (1 Gang 16 A Modular Retrofit Smart Home Solutions)

Price: INR 2,299

Switch to control 1 high load electrical point such as AC, geysers, microwave, etc. with minimal effort using EZ Home App. Max power 3000 watt at 220 AC V.
They can be easily operated from anywhere with a smartphone.
Voice activated: Works with google home and Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants by simply giving commands.
In built energy management. Automate from anywhere while safeguarding them from overload. Smartly reduce power bills with an in built energy management feature. Performance tracking through monthly threshold limit.
Timer to automate operation. Share device feature with fam, with the help of app that allows multiple user control.
Easy to install with seamless integration and no new wiring needed.

2. Havells Crabtree Anti-Viral Switch (Athena)

Price: 550 INR

Dimensions: 15 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
3M Plate, 6 A/ 16 A Socket and 16 A switch.
Has anti viral property on its surface using innovative ViruzSafe Technology.
Application Areas could be power circuits like Geyser, Iron, Washing Machine, etc.
Best in class engineered electrical products.
Easy installations.
Weight is 230 g.

3. L&T 6A Modular Switch ENGEM 1-Way 1M 240 V AC

Price: INR 649

Material: Polycarbonate
Current rating: 6 A
Item dimension: 12 cm x 8 cm x 12 cm
Circuit type: 1 way
Specialty range available for residential, commercial and hospitality use.

4. Anchor Roma Polycarbonate 1 Way Switch, 10 A

Price: 731 rupees

Operation mode: on-off
Current rating: 10 A
Contact Type: Closed
Connector Type: Plug in
Specialty range available for residential, commercial and hospitality use.
Ideal for household fitting, commercial fitting and industrial fitting.
Dimension: 22 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm