Industrial Buying

Types of grinders and things to keep in mind while buying one

Oct 8, 2021
A grinding machine is an industrial tool. Grinders can be used for numerous purposes such as smoothen rough surfaces, cutting, scraping, and many more. There are various grinding machine types, each with different features and purposes. Here are three of the most commonly used grinders.

Angle Grinders: these are also referred ad disc or side grinders. These grinders are handheld machines used mainly for scraping and polishing. It functions with the help of an electronic motor attached to the device. The size of the abrasive disc attached to the head can vary from 4 to 9 inches depending upon the power it is required to generate. Grinders with small size discs generated less power and are mainly used in less power-intensive jobs whereas grinders with large discs generate greater power and are used in heavy metal and fabrication purposes.

Die Grinders: these types of grinders are the most preferred handheld grinders for polishing, honing materials such as plastic and metal. They usually come in flexible shaft drive forms. They are both electric die grinders and battery-powered die grinders. Cordless battery-powered electric doe grinders are used mostly for lighter tasks.

Bench Grinders: these grinders are mounted on a workbench and have rotating wheels. It is mainly used for sharpening cutting tools like drill bits, tool bits, chisels and can also be used to fashion metal pieces before fitting or welding. Avoid breaching the RPM threshold of the abrasive wheels and over speeding of the wheel which can lead to explosions.

Now let us talk about things to keep in mind while looking for a Grinder.

Motor type: there are two types of motors used in grinders- with carbon brushes (brushed) and without carbon brushes (brushless). Brushless motors are more efficient and dissipate less heat compared to brushed motors.

Ergonomics: this is the most essential factor while choosing a tool. No matter how efficient a tool might be, if you are not comfortable working with it, it is not worth spending your money on.

Vibration: vibration levels are an indicator of the stability and safety of power tools. Tools with no load vibration or lower load vibration are considered safe.

The ratio of power to weight: Tools with a higher power-to-weight ratio are ideal tools for heavy work projects. You can determine which grinder to buy according to the power to weight ratio.

Insulation: check for insulation used in the grinders. Double insulation gives better protection against shocks. So, it is better to choose grinders having double insulation.

Switch used: the location and type of switch used to turn on the power hold significance in the smooth functioning and handling of the tool. Go for paddle switches over push switches.