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What are some extremely Cute, Indian Breeds of Dogs

Oct 6, 2021

1. Kanni (Maiden's Beastmaster) A rare indigenous Tamil Nadu sighthound breed of dog. Height: 64-74 cm Weight: 16-22 kg Coat: Short Life span: 14-16 years Kanni refers to the black, tan, and sable varieties, while Chippiparai refers to the variety which is one color. It is voracious when defending its territory. They are gifted to newlywed brides as guardians. A medium-sized dog, with a straight head and a strong jaw. Has golden eyes and a black nose. Ears medium-sized and flat. Tail semi-curved. Shy temperament but always ready to defend its master. Faithful, easy to train and independent, and loyal to the family. Lives in a temperate climate zone, they need their own free space, territory and are not suited to city life. Eat millet, corn, jowar, rice porridge, milk, curd and any non-veg food.

2. Indian Pariah Dog (Indian Native Dog/INDog/South Asian Pye Dog/Desi Dog). Native to the Indian subcontinent. Height: (males) 51-64 cm (females) 46-58 cm. Weight: (males) 20-30 kg (females) 15-25 kg Coat: short Color: Solid fawn, pied and black Life span: 10-13 years Medium-sized dog of square or rectangular build with double, short coat. The upper coat is coarse and the undercoat is soft. Alert and social. They are used as guards and police dogs because they tend to be territorial and defensive. Need good socializing as pups and do well with families and children when provided with socialization. Intelligent and easily trained. Desi gods tend to be more intelligent and hardy than any other pedigree dogs. Naturally evolved, they have very few health concerns and thrive with minimal maintenance. Skin also needs very little grooming since they are relatively clean, with little body odor. No inbreeding has yet occurred and has dominant genes that aid in survival. Most of the mortality is because of harm by humans.

3. Mudhol Hound (Maratha Hound, Pashmi Hound, Kathewar Dog, and the Caravan Hound) Height: (male) 68-72 cm (female) 64-68 cm Weight: 9.1-13.6 kg Life span: 13-14 years In 2005, this breed of sighthound, was featured on a postage stamp to celebrate country's canine heritage. The Caravan was introduced to the Deccan Plateau of Western India from Central Asia and Arabia and can be considered a direct descendant of Saluki or Tazi. The Indian Army has expressed a desire to use it for surveillance and border protection duties. Maharaja of Mudhol State presents King George V a pair of hounds. Thus, popularizing the breed. Thrives on human companionship and is tolerant of other dogs. Might snap if you are someone unknown and touch it without consideration. Fiercely loyal. One of the most healthy dogs with no particular health issue. Bred to combat Indian weather conditions. Good guard and watchdog with fragile temperament as well as a therapy dog.

4. Indian Spitz Height: (male) 35-40 cm (female) 30-35 cm Weight: (male) 15-20 kg (female) 10-15 kg Coat: White, dusky, brown, black, mixed coat Life span: 12-15 years One of the most popular dog in India in 1980 and 1990s when import rules made it difficult to import dogs of other breeds. They were introduced by the British during the 19th century. And are thought to have descended from German Spitz. Well suited to Indian climatic conditions. Comfortable in small apartments as well as large, open houses. Require moderate exercise. Tuffy of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun was an Indian spitz. It was adopted by Madhuri Dixit and later died in 2000, at the age of twelve. Arguably, the most popular family dog among the Indian breeds. Easily housebroken and trained. Will learn to take care of their needs outside from early age. Relatively low maintenance. And highly adaptable.