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What are Made in India Split ACs to Chill Your Room With?

Oct 8, 2021

1. VOLTAS All Weather AC Price: An Indian multinational home appliance country that specializes in air conditioning and cooling technology. It was formed on 6th September, 1954 in Mumbai, as a collab between Tatas and Volkart Brothers. Their ACs offer comfort. gives instant cooling no matter the temperature, keeps you warm during winter, controls indoor humidity during monsoon and kills microbes through anti-microbial air filtration. It has copper condenser coil which is durable and delivers efficient cooling. Comes with dual display that allows the user to see the set temperature and the room temperature, as well. It also has an eco saver mode which optimizes power consumption and saves on electricity. Any abnormalities and failures are checked by AC. All of this noise level as low as 29 dB. It removes allergens, odors and other harmful particles to give cool and fresh air. Intelligent enough to cut back on excessive cooling by itself. The remote, too, has glow in the dark buttons.

2. Videocon Split AC Price: Videocon Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai. It has 17 manufacturing cites in India. And is the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1979 by Venugopal Dhoot in Mumbai. Voltas Split AC is three star rated AC with 1.5 ton capacity. Thus, it is energy efficient and helps save on bills. Their is a one year warranty on the product, a year warranty on the condenser and five year warranty on the compressor. Comes with multi stage filtration, stabilizer free operation and has an in-built dehumidifier. The condenser is made of 100% Copper. That allows high ambient cooling as well as turbo cooling. Special feature include anti-bacterial and dust filter.

3. Godrej Split AC Price: The ac has inverter compressor. Variable speed compressor adjusts power on heat load. Energy efficient and low noise operation. Capacity is of 1 ton. Hence, suitable for small sized rooms. Five star energy rating. Annual energy consumption is 586.17, ISEER value is 4.65. Warranty one year on the product, one year on the condenser and ten years on compressor. Golden fin anti-corrosion condenser that ensures durability and heavy duty performance for uninterrupted powerful cooling. Comes with inverter compressor, active carbon filter, anti bacterial and dust filter, anti-microbial self cleaning (healthy auto blow),R32 refrigerant which is environment friendly and silent operation. Copper condenser for better cooling and low maintenance.

4. Blue Star Split AC Price: Comes with 100% copper condenser. Turbo cooling. Self clean technology. Anti-corrosive blue fins for protection. Brushless DC motor. Star rating: 3 Stars. Electricity consumed is 739.27. Five year warranty on fixed speed compressor and one year on the product. Eco mode runs the compressor slower and reduces pressure on the condenser. It runs the motor with less energy and increased efficiency. Self-diagnosis that alerts you of faults in AC.