What are some beautiful jewelry brands in India

Oct 5, 2021

1. Tanishq It is a division of titan company, founded in 1994, with headquarters in Banglore. Tanishq was the first jewelry retail brand in India. At first, it faced excessive losses but by 2003, it became one of the top retailers in India. It made the pageant crown for Femina Miss India. And opened up brands internationally. The name is a combined version of TATA and Niska (Sanskrit for gold coin or necklace) or Tan (body) and Nishk.

2. Amrapali Jewels Founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur. It specializes in tribal, fine, and uncut gemstone jewelry. It has stores in India and London. And operates a museum about Indian jewelry in Jaipur. It displays various types of chains, amulets, pendants, head ornaments, hair ornaments, earpieces, bangles, bracelets, finger rings, toe rings, torso ornaments, shoulder ornaments, wristlets, cuff bracelets, and anklets, collected from across the Indian subcontinent by founders over a period of fifty years.

3. Kichu Kichu Dandiya completed B.A Honours in jewelry design and returned to Jaipur to develop a close working relationship with artisans. She gained first-hand experience with the trade. In 2014, she developed 'Kichu'. Inspiration for the brand is drawn from various ethnicities and transformed into a visually modern concept. Like Sharktooth earrings, bison head necklaces, snake earrings, etc.

4. Misho Misho produces minimalistic jewelry, perfect for millennials, Z-liners, and everyone in between. The company is lead by Suhani Parekh. She studied Fine Art and Art History in London where she worked with sculpture and installations. The pieces are inspired by an accumulation of ideas from contemporary art and the architectural style of the cities she traveled to. We recommend its All the Zodiac Pendant and Katana Collection. Launched in 2016, Deepika Padukone and Kendall Jenner swear by it.

5. Kenya Launched in 2015 by Divya Shekhawat and Shivangani Singh, it draws inspiration from Rajasthan and the colonial period. The pieces are bohemian like heart-shaped lockets, evil eye pendants, and enamel bracelets.