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What are some Delicious Bihari Food to Feast On?

Sep 28, 2021

Bihari cuisine is similar to North Indian and East Indian cuisines. They include littli chokha, mattha, meat saalan, dalpuri, malpua, balushai, khaja, thekua, etc. The type of food eaten depends upon the seasons. If it winter, dry foods are preferred while in summer, watery food is favored. The only constants in a typical bihari thali is rice, roti, achar, chatni, dal, milk products with some variations. For tempering, Biharis prefer fennel seeds, black mustard sed, fenugreek seed, cumin seed and nigella seed. They also add smoked red chili to the dish for aroma. Some directly bite into a green chili powdered with salt. 1. Khichdi is a mix of rice, dal and several vegetables, steamed together. Often served by ghee. 2. Ghugni is made of black grams soaked overnight in water. Then sautéed in mustard oil in a wok. Masala is added into it for flavor. Seasoning is added and then fried. Water is added into the mix for desired gravy. 3. Sattu is powdered baked gram mixed with water. Sometimes spices are added to the mix and other times sugar is added, to it. It is also added into litti and puris. 4. Jhor is a mustard and coriander-based gravy with chili. 5. Bari is fried soft dumpling made of besan and cooked in spicy gravy. 6. Kadhai Bari is a fried soft dumpling made of besan cooked in spicy gravy of yogurt. 7. Poori-aloo dum is a potato dish served with sweet dish such as jalebi. 8. Dahi-Chura is a combination of flattened rice mixed with curd and eaten with sugar and salt. 9. Macchh is fish which is fried and then cooked in spicy gravy. 10. Kachori is spicy deep fried snack. It is round, flattened ball made of flour with crushed horse beans, besan, black pepper, red chili powder, salt and other spices stuffed into it. 10. Bhujia is a sautéed vegetables, cooked in spices. It has no gravy and goes well with rice and chapatti.