What are Some Good Horror Movies

Sep 27, 2021

Indian cinema is known for not producing best or even good horror movies. The horror genre in India is littered with sensuality (and not the subtle kind) and not a tiniest bit of scare. Yet there are times, however, rare, when a gem appears. Here we are talking about genuine scare fest. 1. Tumbbad is a film many people say should have been sent to Oscars. Some say it could have easily won against Parasite. We will never know. But it certainly is one of the best, if not bestest, Indian horror movie. Even the pre-production story will tell you that as lot of hard work has gone into it. From the location to the acting, everything is top notch. 2. Yavarum Nalan (Everyone is Well) is a Tamil psychological horror. Majority of the movie occurs in an apartment 13B. It is about a man who discovers that his day-to-day life is depicted on some TV show. Watch it for the story and Madhavan. 3. Bhoot is a 2003 movie when RGV (Ram Gopal Verma) made amazing films. It stars Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar. It is about Vishal and Swati who rent a haunted apartment. The wife ends up possessed. At the time, the movie differed from typical flicks because it had no songs. Apart from the ending credits. Unlike other horror movies, which set in isolated locations, RGV brought the ghost to an urban area. While no overt violence, its horror lies in the way sound and everyday objects are utilized. 4. Lapachhapi went under the radar when released. This Marathi horror film found audience on TV. It talks about female infanticide and superstition. The choice of location eerie. Some reviewers even called it the best Marathi horror film all time. 5. Aamis (Ravening) is an Assamese feature film. First premiered in Tribeca Film Festival, it was released on 22 November 2019. A new in Indian Cinema, it explored cannibalism. Sumon wants to research meat eating habits of North East Indians. He comes across Nirmali. Their relationship takes a turn when he feeds her his own flesh and she becomes addicted to human meat.