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What are some home freshener with sweet smell

Oct 6, 2021

Home fresheners neutralize and eliminate stink. On top of it, they also add a sweet smell. At the same time, they also remove pathogens borne in air.

1. Odonil Room Spray Home Freshener Price: INR 190 Dabur Odonil is one of the top ayurvedic home sprays and has been a household name for decades. Spray product that comes in 200 ml cans. Can be used whenever and wherever you want. Good for instant odor removal. Wide range of applications. Can be used wherever there is a bad smell. Available in different fragrances like jasmine, lavender, orange, rose, sandalwood, and citrus. Versatility is unmatched. Can be used whenever and wherever used might need an air freshener. Can be used for a long time. Does not require electricity to work. Priceless when compared to other fresheners in the market. Trusted brand and one of the bestsellers.

2. Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Freshener Price: 265 The pocket bathroom freshener is compact. It is the smallest air freshener available in India. Highly portable and efficient. Patented unique gel technology that makes it small but increases active life. You do not need to do anything other than hanging it after installation (just remember to remove the membrane). Can last up to 30 days in any bathroom. Hence, more than what any other freshener can claim. Can produce more scent in less quantity. Available in five fragrances

3. Mangala Campure Original Camphor Cone Price: INR 716 Repels mosquitoes. Freshens up the room. Cone-like shape wrapped around in special kind of paper that lets out fragrance but preserves the potency of camphor. It acts like a membrane found on gel-type air fresheners. Place near the bed to drive away mosquitoes plus lets out soothing fragrance. Also can be placed in the cupboard to protect clothes from moths and silverfishes. The active life is more than traditional gels and sprays. Can be used for 45 days straight. Completely natural product. Does not impact the health of the user. Prevents diseases like H1N1, Dengue, Malaria, etc. Unique. One of the most unique products. Also available in Jasmine and Rose.

4. Pure Source India Fragrance Potpourri Price: INR 699 Pure source produces a variety of products like ceramic ware, soapstone, candles, incense, potpourri, and diffusers. Based in Dwarka, New Delhi. A mixture of rose petals and rose extracts. Consists of dried rose petals, rose essential oil, rose water extract, incense powder made of rose, and combinations of natural herbs and leaves. Place inside the room or office cubicles. Consists of 250 g potpourri. The package comes with the mixture and aroma oil. Once the mixture loses potency after 15 to 20 days, sprinkle some aroma oil to make it fresh. Completely natural and will not cause health issues. Price to performance ratio good as it can last for two months.