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What are Some Indian Breakfast must try

Sep 25, 2021

Can bread and jam beat aloo ka paratha? Neither in health nor in taste. Here are few other Indian breakfast recipes that could easily take on non-Indian breakfast.

1. Kal Dosa It does not have tons of ingredients but has tons of health benefits. It helps counteract anemia, recover taste loss, treat respiratory disorders, contract insomnia and treat inflammation. Just soak rice in water with fenugreek seeds and dal, overnight. Wash and grind dal and rice separately. Mix with last and leave to ferment. Heat a pan and wipe with oil. Pour a ladle of batter and spread into a circle. Cover and cook for few minutes. Done!

2. Thepla Pluck methi leaves and chop. In another bowl, mix whole wheat flour, gram flour, pearl millet flour and sorghum flour. Add your spices and herbs. Then add fenugreek. Mix. Then add curd. Knead until soft. Roll it into flatbread. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Place the thepla on it. Cook until golden brown. Spread oil on it lightly and flip. Do the same on the other side. Serve with mango chutney or acchar (pickle).

3. Upma Also known as uppittu is made of semolina. Sauté suji with onion, chilis, peas and peanuts and cook in water. Do this until you have a porridge-like consistency. Garnish with coriander and coconut.

4. Poha Soak rice in water until it has swollen up. Then sauté with onion, chilis, boiled potatoes and spices. Use yesterday’s rice to make poha.

5. Appam Soak rice overnight. Grind with grated coconut and sugar. Add some yeast to the batter. Use an earthen pot called ‘appachatti’ to improve taste. Pour batter and swirl until it reaches the edge. Cover for few minutes then remove the lid to see if it has turned golden. Garnish with coconut and serve with sweetened coconut milk.