What are some Indian Outdoor Games you must play?

Sep 30, 2021

1. Pachisi or Chaupar A board game which was enjoyed as a recreational activity during the ancient times. It was the same game that Shaukuni and Duryodhan played with the pandavas. The mughals, too, indulged in a game of chaupar. The game involves two to four players who moved cowry shells on a cross shaped piece of cloth. The current version of Pachisi/Chaupar is Ludo. Both of them involve moving dice. While Ludo is played on square cardboard, the pawns are moved in cross. 2. Lattoo or Spinning Top People play lattoo even now. It has existed since 3500 BC. Then the tops were made out of clay. Currently, they are made of plastic and painted wood. A string helps the lattoo spin. The players wrap their spinning tops with the string and unwind it. The player whose top spin the longest is the winner. The game inspired Beyblades, too. 3. Kancha, Goli, Lakhoti or Marbles The game began as far as the Harappan age. It involves using marbles. The objective is to collect maximum number of marbles by striking one marble with another. Winner takes all. 4. Hopscotch, Nondi or Stapoo It is a popular outdoor game played even today. It involves drawing a grid on the floor and writing numbers on it. Take a pebble and throw it on the numbered block. One has to hop across all the block, pick up the stone and return back. When there is one pebble, the person has to jump on one leg and if there is two block, jump on two legs. 5. Gilli Danda or Lippa The older version of cricket. It is played using two dissimilar sized sticks. The shorter one is called gilli and the longer one is called danda. One has to flip the gilli into the air with the Danda. While it is in air, the player must hit it as far as possible. And run to touch a decided point before opponent can lay their hands on the danda. Sort of like baseball, too.