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What are some useful Inverters you can use at your home

Oct 6, 2021

An inverter is an electrical device that converts DC voltage (battery) into AC voltage (household). It is of vital importance during the power cuts. And eases the frustration of power cut-offs.

1. Luminous 800 VA Eco Watt Price: INR 4, 500 Square wave output of this inverter ensures the safety of appliances. Strong inverter built of PCB programming, FSW transformer, and microprocessor. Runs more appliances as compared to other UPS systems due to its extra load handling capacity. A three-stage charging system ensures the safe and efficient charging of the inverter, thus increasing battery life. The inverter has UPS mode, which keeps the output voltage range of 180 V to 160 V. This keeps sensitive appliances like computers safe. Also has ECO mode in which the voltage range is extended, which reduces battery use. Can run appliances like an LED bulb, LED TV 40 Inch, 1200 MM fan, and LED tube light. Good load-taking capacity. Charging commences even at a low voltage of 110 V AC. Has an inbuilt thermal management system that shuts down the system in case of overheating.

2. V-guard Smart Pro 1200 Price: INR 7, 838 Users can keep track of power cuts and their duration from the past week of use. Very high performance and heavy-duty inverter. User-friendly and ace design. Two-year warranty. An ace product due to its heavy-duty performance and ageless, stylish look. Adds on as a material decor in the living room. Provides its users with options to switch to power backup or inverter output as per their need. The device is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Take loads up to 1000 W and has a turbocharger. Mobile application through which the user can control the inverter according to their convenience even when they are not near the inverter.

3. Microtek UPS 24A-7 HB 725Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter Price: INR 3,950 The capacity of the inverter battery is 725VA/12V. Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Weighs 9 kg. The efficiency of the inverter battery is 80%. Output voltage 230 V. Output frequency is 50.00. Backup time five hours. It has one battery system (12 VDC). The battery uses hybrid technology for noiseless and better performance. IBM technology in the inverter battery increases the battery life. Consists of a by-pass switch in case of ups failure. Product dimensions are 37.2 X 19.8 X 39.3 cm. Two-year onsite warranty. Better battery management. Provides a noiseless performance. Gets charged quickly.

4. Microtek UPS 24 A- 7 HB 725 VA Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter Price: INR 3, 950 Largest selling inverter of its type. The inverter is microcontroller design based with a comprehensive backup battery UPS system. This device stands equipped with various standard voltage range selections, which can be operated within the voltages from 100 V- 300 V. The output power of this inverter is 580 W and produces pure sine waves. Comes with an inbuilt bypass switch and an Intelli Battery Gravity Management Switch. Lightweight and easy to use. Noiseless and efficient power backup. The narrow voltage range is from 180 V-260 V.