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Where can you buy Indian handicrafts online?

Sep 29, 2021

1. The India Craft House It is a digital platform for world's oldest and intricate craft form. It was started ten years ago to preserve the talent of Indian artisans. Established in 2010, the headquarter is in Gurgaon. Their objective is to empower Indian artisans so they could offer products of finest quality. TICH team up with artisans, craft organisations, NGO and social enterprises to achieve their objective. 2. Ethnic Pip It is an exclusive platform for greatest collection of Indian art and craft. They are bring uniqueness of Indian art from remote villages to your screens. They also help artisans by providing them with the right price for their work. 3. The Kopai-Paar They identify talent artisans and collaborate witht hem to create unique designs of superior quality. They bring these handicraft to the consumer. Thus, sustain the life of Indian handicraft and rural artisans. There are tons of options to decorate your home, from upcycled items to modern and traditional decor. 4. Engrave According to Engrave, it is the maker's market. They bring forth unique furniture, art, craft, fashion and home décor created by artisans from all over India. The items are not mass-produced and have individuality as well as character. 5. Craft Maestros If you want handcrafted products made by National Shilp Gurus and Padma Shri Awardees and recognized artisans, Craft Maestros is your haven. You will also get a certificate of authenticity. The items are not mass produced, instead handcrafted one at a time. All of the items are either unique in colour, design, pattern and shading. None of the items are alike. Hence, no one will have a piece just like yours. In a world of duplicity, stand out from the crowd. 6. Exclusive Lane Started in the 2012, it was created to promote Indian art and craft globally. Its objective is, thus, to help Indian artisans living in different parts of the country. And also to sustain the Indian culture by preserving handlooms. They offer spice boxes, cups, plates, pots, wall hangings, lamps, etc. There is also crafts mimicking European style and Italian look. All of it plus assured quality.