Easy Payment

With the increase in competition to retain customers, consumers need to have a flawless buying experience. As an online merchant, a seller’s product is available to a far larger audience than simply your own countrymen. Online customers prefer cross-border purchasing, and one of the key benefits of digital payments is the ability to broaden the sales reach to these worldwide, to the hungry audiences. Effective payment gateway provides customers with a convenient and secure platform, seamless transactions, and delivery to their doorstep. This will enhance customer loyalty and, in turn, sales and profit for sellers.

Aslidesi provides an integrated payment gateway. The key in a payment gateway is that, the buyer could be in a different city, state, or country entirely. A payment gateway requires unique encryption and verification technology due to the shopper's anonymity and distance. These Payment gateways are also integrated with shopping carts, which allows for quicker payment processing. Besides being a boon for buyer, a seller can take advantage of all these variety of payment methods, Chargeback prevention, fraud prevention and detection and Bills on a regular basis for their customers to have a quick and seamless checkout experience. All these capabilities are enabled only through a payment gateway, which are also frequently compatible with security standards such as PCI DSS and others, ensuring secure transactions.

It has been noticed that if the checkout/payment method is cumbersome or hard, more than 40% of buyers will cancel their purchase. To make an impulse purchase for the customer’s payment method should be easy.