Mar 11, 2021 Apna Des Ka Saman

New Delhi [India], March 11 (ANI/BusinessWire India): India, the country with 137 crore population out of which 860 million people aged between 15 and 64 years, consists of 500 million workforces and it may reach one billion by 2050 with present growth rate, where unemployment rate stood between 6 to 8 per cent, and the youth unemployment rate stood between 20 to 23 per cent.

Also, it is a well-established fact that 90 per cent of India's workforce doing the job in the informal sector, most of them engaged in activities that do not have access to social security benefits a or secure job, so, with high demand, the Indian job market is volatile as well.

If one looks at India's economy in the last decade, it has been noticed that jobs are not generating that much despite a massive escalation in the GDP. One of India's economic growth's main reason is the services sector, with the contribution of 55.39 per cent of India's total GDP. Still, the overall development of the country should not be measured by GDP alone. It must be by the quality of jobs, livelihood and jobs that are created.

According to experts, the manufacturing sector, more specifically the MSME manufacturing sector, plays an important role in any country's actual growth by creating millions of secure, long-term jobs. For example, China the home to approximately 1.39 billion people having a workforce of 780 million, out of which over 80 per cent of the workforce engaged in the MSME manufacturing sector, and they are producing all kind of foods, farm products, fashion, footwear, electrical and electronics, hardware, equipment, tools, toys, textile, crafts, garments, construction materials, chemicals, medicine etc.

Whereas India is also producing all of those products and Indian MSMEs creating only 30 per cent of total jobs and Indian manufacturing holds only 14 per cent share of GDP, merchandise exports stood at US$ 173.66 billion in 2020-21, while other hand imports touched USD 215.69 billion. The difference stood around USD 43 billion, which shows that India is becoming a consumer country of foreign products. Due to the lack of promotion and consumption of Indian products, sufficient jobs are not being created, resulting in social unrest.

From the last two decades, people can see youths are doing strike demanding jobs everywhere in the country. This is the big question of how jobs will generate because the government has a limited capacity for jobs. Then, the only solutions are Export growth and Import localisation. So, India needs to increase the use of India made products to create more jobs. India needs to believe more in "Apna Des Ka Saman" to better society because "samaj acha rahega too aap ache rahoge, aur apka future generation bhi acha rahega."

With 350 million strong middle-class people, which is bigger than the entire US population, and consumer spending per capita is Rs 77,085 and out of which, 50 to 55 per cent of the amount spends on food and beverage, clothing, footwear, home furnishing, household repairs, electric appliances, utensils, tools, non-durable goods, personal care which is around Rs 45000, India has the capacity to create 10 million new jobs annually until 2030 to keep up with the growth of its working-age population, but what is required is a platform that will help Indian manufacturers to promote their products without any discrimination, and at the same time it will be easy to recognise made in India products for buyers. is an Indian based organisation, a one-stop trading platform for wholesale as well as retail, which allows business buyers, bulk buyers, consumer from all over the world to purchase a wide variety of products. With ongoing consumer initiatives to consume locally sourced products, they offer all that buyers want, which runs with the support of thousands of masterpiece in a different category, including - regular usable grocery products, kids toy and entertainment products, healthy food and beverage, electronic products, tools and industrial equipment, home decor and furnishings, fashion, crafts and jewellery products and best of agricultural products available on one platform.

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