Feb 16, 2021, India’s own most trusted and reliable desi global marketplace

New Delhi [India], February 16 (ANI/BusinessWire India): A nation’s economy is heavily dependent on the imports and exports of the nation. The more we export and the less we import, the better it is for the economy, which is directly impacting the national job market.

With this in mind, if one intends on bettering the economy, buying products sourced and manufactured indigenously is definitely the way to go. This was the concept behind movements such as the swadeshi movement back in the era of the freedom struggle and even with the modern Make in India movement.

However, after making in India if one manufacturer or producers wants to sell their products globally as well as in domestic market it is not that much easy according to present available methods, also, for a buyer finding a one-stop destination to buy a variety of products manufactured in India is not an easy task.

That is the reason, why the country of 136 crore people with 68 million MSME units, contributing only 30% of the country’s GDP and contributing 48 per cent of export by creating jobs for only around 120 million persons, which is around 30 per cent of total employment.

The overall performance of our nation is very low comparing with China (with total 43 million SME units, contributing 60 per cent of total GDP, contributing, 83 per cent of total export, generating 80 per cent of employment) and United States of America (with total 30 million SME units, contributing 50 per cent of total GDP, contributing, 70 per cent of total export, generating 48 per cent of employment) with having comparatively less population than India.

In the case of the agricultural sector which provides employment to 50 per cent of the countries workforce, exporting only USD 38.54 billion in FY19 and contributing 18 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) which is half of what China is doing.

There are lots of reasons behind the above scenario, some of them are, little promotion of products sourced from India in domestic and international market ultimately it is becoming difficult for buyers to recognise who loves and seeking Indian products, non-availability of an affordable digital platform for linkages between firms and end-users with integrated global shipping and payment facilities, difficult to identify suitable alliances to analyse demand in multiple geographies that could provide a soft landing in domestic also in the international market.

Now, is in the market, the first company allowing Indian Manufacturers, Farmers, Artisans to promote their products in the domestic and international market with an affordable platform and helping them come forward and earn according to their capability.

Focusing on outbound cross border trade for both wholesale and retail orders, the Indian global marketplace with a plethora of quality products and service experience they focused on making the reach of goods manufactured and sourced from India, to help people explore products made in India. As the name suggests, they are truly Indian in spirit, they have high competency to change the intention of the market towards shadowed products.

With a wide product range, it has something for everyone. Be it groceries, industrial materials, home furnishing, fashion, electronics, foods and a whole lot more, Aslidesi will always have your back with “Apna Des ka Saman”, with a platform that is very user friendly for both customers and sellers.

There are lots of other companies are available in the present market in this segment but none of them are promoting goods exclusively sourced from India in global market also in domestic market at a time. By differentiating with others Ghosh, Founder, Aslidesi said, “For all of them, India is a market and for Aslidesi, India is a manufacturing hub and world is the market.”

With several categories added and several sellers are joining each day, they are committed to bring the best desi products for truly desi and global buyers, which will definitely help in country’s economic growth and meet job crisis. Though now they are operating remotely from pan India, very soon they will open their headquarter in Delhi NCR and physical office with support and operation facility across pan India also in international locations.

How are they different – (USP)

* They are one of India’s most trusted marketplace for Local Manufacturers, Artisans, Farmers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Resellers to reach out to a larger target audience worldwide to show their talent and sell the best quality products with attractive pricing worldwide.

* They are allowing buyers from all over the world for bulk buying, wholesale buying also retail buying on a single platform

* It is one of the best user-friendly platforms and easy to use on the web and its application available in Google play store and Apple app store for buyers as well as sellers

* They set a goal to become one of the largest market places in foreign countries and sells the best products from our country’s land

* This company guarantees product quality and sells at a reasonable price in comparison with other platforms, provides a straightforward platform in making payments, up to customer’s preferable mode also offering shipping all over the world, making online shopping convenient for everyone and make fast track delivery with beautiful lines experience.

How are they benefiting Indian Sellers?

Register one time, sell wholesale as well as retail in Global market including India. One-stop integrated payment & shipping solution for domestic as well as international customers. There is no chance of inside competition, as Aslidesi is not owning any products and will not do so in the future. No registration fees and Subscription fees, a nominal service charge will be applied after sale. Their seller agreement policy is transparent, open to all, and hidden charges will not be applying. Easy registration and product management process, can be sell from Aslidesi mobile application.

“Centre aims growth of MSME sector, has decided to increase contribution to GDP from 30 per cent to 40 per cent and export contribution from 48 per cent to 60 percent. Furthermore, gov. wants to create five crore jobs. The platform like Aslidesi will definitely contribute in growth by promoting goods sourcing from India and focusing on outbound cross border trade to boost export, increasing GDP,” said Union Minister of Gov. of India, Nitin Gadkari, in a recent seminar.