Adjustable Injectors/ Metering Cartridges with Indication

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Adjustable Injectors/ Metering Cartridges with Indication

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BrandSystematrix Engineering Services
Maximum Pressure0.18mpa

Small doses of oil to various parts of the machine is possible with a small power pack called the lubricating pump which runs on electric supply/Manual or pneumatic drive. Here, the use of LUBRISYS metering cartridges (sometimes called ‘injectors’) allows maximum number of points to be lubricated in a very systematic manner, so that lubrication is achieved regularly in small quantities with better frequency, thereby optimizing  usage of lubricant, with no spillage of oils. The frequent lubrication ensures better life than conventional manual lubrication.

The earlier problems of leakages, and not being able to understand if the cartridges are working are thing of the past. The Developed Cartridges have the advantage that there are no separate manifolds to hold the injectors hence no leakages. Indication pin is provided which moves up& down when the Metering Cartridges/ Injectors are in operation helping the user understand the lubrication process even without removing the pipelines. These injectors can be adjusted (up to 0.4 cc.) just by twist of screw which is a unique feature that we offer. This will help in low stock management as different flows are achieved by the same injector, and as and when required.

They can replace the older design cartridges, with no change in the pump, and are available separately without manifold required in range, starting from to  1to 16injectors in one block , which can be joined in parallel to other LUBRISYS  adjustable injectors. The LUBRISYS Adjustable Injectors/Metering Cartridges with Indication, helps industries save time and money.

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