Barrel Pumps

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Barrel Pumps

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Brand Systematrix Engineering Services
Power Source Petrol
Size 55*120mm
Head Stainless steel
Usage Slurry

Systematrix Engg Services manufactures Lubrisys Mini Barrels pumps for Industrial applications. The barrel pump is available in many sizes.  The mini barrel pump is a compact pump which is very convenient for portable or small applications. Once air is supplied to the pump it operates on its own, without any solenoid valve or electric connection.

For an intermittent operation, a solenoid and a timer to control the frequency will be required.

  • The system can work with grease as well as oil.
  • It is essential to use only clean grease or oil.

Grease upto NLGI 1 can be used. If grease of higher viscosity is required to be used, a follower plate will be required The system is of portable type, which can be used at a fixed place too.

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