Centralized Grease Lubrication Systems

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Centralized Grease Lubrication Systems

We offer centralized Grease lubrication systems used in various industries. These centralized lubrication systems made by high quality raw material and durable.


  • Easy to operate & User friendly, Minimum effort and maximum results
  • Lubrication is achieved equally to all points, including hard to reach ones irrespective of it’s piping and back pressure. Thus proper lubrication is achieved
  • Machine becomes more efficient with less wear and tear of parts as reliance on labour for lubrication is avoided, hence there’s no error or negligence
  • Avoids accidents due to oil spillage, manual error/negligence by keeping work place and machine clean.
  • Modernises your machine.
  • Maintenance of machine can be less periodic thus increasing production, and reducing manhours, since proper lubrication is guaranteed.
  • Protects processed items (cloth, rubber, cement etc.,) and avoids rejection due to overspill of lubricant or negligence.
  • Precious oil/Grease is saved as the system distributes lubricant in optimum quantity. Under or excessive lubrication is eliminated.
  • Economical, Production enriching, and safe.
  • Selection: The selection of the system will depend on many factors such as: Lubricant to be used
  • The size of the machine/equipment to be lubricated
  • Distances between each point to be lubricated
  • Accessibility of the points to be lubricated
  • The quantity of lubricant required for each point

For any suggestions regarding lubrication equipment please write to us with the above mentioned details for us to suggest the best possible systems.

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